How to buy exotic short hair cats

       Exotic kittens are cute and cute in appearance and gentle and sticky in character. They are very suitable for girls to feed now. However, the prices of good exotic kittens are relatively expensive. For unfamiliar people, they do not have the ability to distinguish good from bad. What should we do then? How can we buy exotic short haired cats?

       1¡¢ How to distinguish pure exotic short haired cats

       1. Overall situation

       It has moderate physical development, strong muscles, thick limbs without bending, normal walking, and strong reaction by pulling legs and feet with hands. It is normal for kittens to protrude slightly. He was fluffy and fluffy, and had a reaction immediately when he heard the call. After being teased, he had a desire to play, and he had a strong appetite for the smell of meat. All parts of the body are well developed, the bones are strong, and the reaction to the surrounding is very sharp when feeding. Touching a cat with your hand can feel that the cat’s body is strong and strong. If there are muscles in the shoulder, chest and North, then the cat is in good health.

       2. Variety testing

       If you choose to be a kitten, you may not be able to tell whether the cat is a good breed or not, whether it will grow up in good shape, and whether it can grow more beautiful, then you can go to see the cat’s parents. If the parents are pure, beautiful foreign short hair, then the kittens born after the appearance will be very beautiful Oh.

       3. Consult a professional cat expert

       Friends who like exotic short hair cats must make preparations before selecting them, or consult professional cat experts to accompany you to the market to buy cats, so as to avoid being confused by cats with similar appearance and different breeds on the market. Choose a good exotic short haired cat.

       2¡¢ Buy exotic short haired cats

       The main reason why exotic short haired cats are very popular is its nose! But we all stubbornly believe that the shorter the nose is, the better. In fact, it is not. Although it requires a line of nose and eye, it does not mean that the shorter the nose, the better! The upper end of the nose of a cat should not be beyond the corner of the eye. If the kitten is selected, the nose of the two month old kitten will be very close to the face and there is no distance between it and the face. Most of the noses will not grow well when they grow up.

       Besides, have you ever noticed the ears of exotic short haired cats! The foreign short hair cat’s ear position must be low, the distance between the two ears is wide, only then can have the very wide frontal bone, the ear must be small, the best ear tip forms the circle!

       Many people are very concerned about the color of the foreign short hair cat’s fur, but never pay attention to the richness of the coat. In fact, the color of the cat’s fur does not play a decisive role in the game, but if the richness of the fur is not enough, it can make a good foreign short haired cat lose the game! In the cat game, this item also accounts for a high proportion of competition points!

       The eyes of all cats, no matter what color they are, are blue when they are very young. As they grow up, they gradually grow into the color that the breed should have. Before adulthood, the color of their eyes has been getting better and better. It’s hard to choose a kitten’s figure and eyes when they are young. It depends on their parents. If their figure, posture and eye color are very good, the kitten’s must be correct!

       3¡¢ Price of exotic short hair cat

       The relative reproduction rate of exotic short haired cats is low, and the survival rate is lower than that of other breeds of cats. During lactation, breeders need to invest a lot of energy, so the price is higher than other breeds of cats. And this breed of cat requires a lot of appearance, and the height difference is also very large. Considering the current domestic market, it is normal for a short cat with a price of more than 1500-20000. Generally speaking, foreign short hair cat products with extremely low prices are generally fair. Of course, tens of thousands of them have CFA certificates.

       Before buying exotic short hair cats, it’s better to have a look at it and determine which one you like best.

How to handle the certificate of pedigree

       For a cat, the pedigree certificate is its Hukou book. It is a record of the cat’s health status, training results and so on. We can judge the pedigree of the cat and improve its breeding according to the records in the pedigree book. So, how should the pedigree certificate of a cat be handled?

       The pedigree certificate of a cat is issued to breeders by regular and legal Cat Clubs and associations to confirm the true legal identity of a certain cat they breed. As purebred cats with pedigree certificates or their children, their value is higher than other pets without pedigree certificates. Because of the value problem, pet shops or breeding farms will take good care of them, so it is relatively safe to buy such pets. At present, there are two sound institutions in China and internationally recognized associations. One is CKU cooperated by FCI, and the other is ngkc cooperated by AKC, and issues blood certificate.

       The pedigree certificates vary from place to place in the world, but the experience includes the following: cat’s name, breed, gender, date of birth, coat color and other characteristics, breeder and breeder’s Kennel, details of the dog’s four generations of lineal relatives, records of registration number, tattoo number, DNA number, hip joint number and implantation chip, competition record and transfer record, SV’s The pedigree certificate also has a record of training level.

An analysis of the character of Chinese civet cat

       Chinese cihuahua cat is our native cat, which has a history of thousands of years. In the streets, we can see its shadow. Compared with other kinds of cats, what’s the personality of cihuamao? Let’s take a look at the following series.

       Cihuamao’s personality is independent, like sports, very cheerful. If the surrounding environment changes, it will be very sensitive, it depends on the host very high, if it is replaced by a host, its psychology will be hurt. Cihuacat to adult don’t like to play with people very much, but it will always walk in your line of sight. It is a very reserved cat, and full of confidence in itself, very loyal to its master.

       High dependence

       Cihuamao has an independent personality and is fond of sports. If the surrounding environment changes, it will be very sensitive and highly dependent on its owner. If it is given a new owner, its psychology will be hurt. (keeping civet cats needs perseverance)

       Loyalty to the master

       Although the new year’s cat doesn’t like playing with people very much, it will still walk in your sight at any time. It is an implicit animal, and confident in itself, very loyal to its owner, so if you like such a pet, then it will be your first choice.

       In the family, the problem of feeding civet cat is very simple. It does not need anything else, as long as there is very clean water and suitable rations for it, which is the prerequisite for its happy life. Cats have evolved over thousands of years, and ordinary ailments won’t trap them, because they have very high self-regulation ability and immunity.

Measures to solve the problem of cat hair loss in spring

       The cat has been depilated in spring, and the cat itself will feel very worried, so as the owner can not ignore, some simple methods can let the cat happy through this embarrassing season, make the cat more comfortable life.

       1¡¢ Always bathe and groom cats

       Sometimes it’s not just when the season gets warmer or colder. If you give them a bath with the wrong shampoo, it will also produce hair removal phenomenon, even more serious than natural shedding. Therefore, if you don’t want your cat to lose hair due to skin disease, you must use a special pet bath to bathe them. Buy a special brush for cats and use a special comb for pets. Some cats and dogs with long hair need to brush their hair once a day, while those with short hair can comb once a week. Let the natural hair fall off in the brush, one-time processing, rather than let their hair tangled after running around the room, so that the hair will not be scattered in the furniture cracks and air.

       2¡¢ Pay attention to the cat’s diet

       Do not give them salty food, control salt intake, too much salt intake, will lead to pet hair loss.

       3¡¢ Pay attention to the cat’s mood

       Don’t let the cat in the mood of excitement, tension or fear, which can reduce the possibility of their hair loss. Moreover, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide a quiet environment for small animals.

       4¡¢ Keep cat skin healthy

       Often take cats out in the sun, and let them run, so that the cat’s health. Healthy cats rarely lose their hair in general. Choose the right lotion. A good bath fluid may protect your pet’s fur, reduce the amount of hair loss, and prevent skin diseases. Because of skin disease or parasitic large number of dog lice and fleas caused by depilation, it is best to find out the cause first, consult the relevant pet doctor or experienced person to suit the medicine to the case.

       Cat’s health lies in the owner’s experience of care, especially in the cat’s special period, at this time for the cat’s hair, can enhance the feelings with the cat oh.

A detailed introduction to American short haired cats

       Historically, the ancestors of American Bobcat originally lived in Europe, and then followed the early pioneers into North America. Records show that several cats were raised on the May flower, whose job is to catch rats on board that steal food and spread germs. After constant breeding, the Native American short haired cat was finally established. At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the introduction of some foreign breeds of cats to the United States, the native blood of American short haired cats began to be weakened. The kittens born after mating with long haired cats and Siamese cats had a variety of different lengths of fur, body shape, color and temperament. The early breeders succeeded in obtaining perfect markings, colors, and strong forms, beautiful faces and lovely characters. In the breeding history of American short haired cat, this cat species was registered as “short haired cat” at first, and then changed to “short hair domestic cat”. It was not until 1966 that the name of “American short haired cat” appeared. This cat species is also one of the first five breeds certified by CFA when it was initially certified. To this day, the American short haired cat has been one of the top ten popular cat breeds. The so-called “American short haired cat” is different from that in the United States, both in blood and appearance. Or some native cats in the United States may at first glance feel like the orthodox “American short haired cat”, but the real purebred cats should be able to maintain the same appearance, coat color and personality when breeding the next generation of kittens. Native to the United States (the American short haired cat is a unique breed of the United States. Its ancestors came from Europe and followed the early pioneers into North America.) Reproduction is viviparous. The American short haired cat is inherited from its ancestors’ strong, brave and hard-working. Their personality is gentle and will not be changed by the change of environment or mood. They are always patient and amiable. They don’t lose their temper. They don’t like shouting. They are very suitable for families with children. Their own resistance is very strong, rarely sick, is the cat with the least medical costs. In the same way, meishort is also a very smart cat species. Although they can’t perform tricks like catching a ball from the sky, their owners can teach them to promise their names and stay away from furniture such as sofas. You’ll find an American kitten at home more likely to lie on your legs and enjoy your caress. They will cherish their toys, especially when the owner is away, they will invent a variety of different ways to play, so that they do not feel lonely. American Bobcats are happy to get along with other animals, including birds and dogs. Standard body type: American short haired cat is a working cat species. It has a very strong body, thick bones and muscles. It has strong chest muscles. It has a thick coat and can withstand cold. It is symmetrical and has no excess flesh. The male cat is larger than the female cat. From the side, the body can be divided into three parts: sternum to elbow; front of hind leg to buttock eye, The length of the tail should be the same as that of the shoulder blade to the tail connecting the body. The head features of American short haired cat: 1. The head is large and oval, with plump cheeks, and shows lovely and frank expression, with M-shaped forehead. 2. The ears are of medium length, with rounded tips and wide base. The distance between the two ears should be half the distance between the eyes. 3. Forehead from the top of the head to the neck, forming a convex and smooth line, from the front, the top of the head is flat. 4. The eyes are big and wide, slightly raised. The upper eyelid is like a half kernel almond, while the lower eyelid forms a graph curve. The distance between the eyes should be at least the width of one eye. The eye is bright and clear, and the eye is alert. The eye color varies according to the color of the coat. 5. The nose is of medium length with the same length and width. From the side, the line from the beam to the forehead is slightly convex. CFA (cat fans’ Association) American short hair rating standard: CFA scoring standard, for short color, posture, head, body, limbs, tail, etc. score head 30 (including the shape and size of eyes, ear shape and nose structure and position) body 30 points (including shape, size, bone and tail length) hair color 20 points (stripes = 10 points; color = 10 points) hair 15 points, eyes 5 points, CFA beautiful short education criteria: ears: medium size, the tip is slightly round, the root of the ear will not open too much, the distance between the two ears (measured from the lower inner angle) is equal to twice the distance between the two eyes forehead: from the side, the forehead is smooth, head to neck presents a slightly convex curve; From the front, there is no obvious dome eye between the two ears: large and wide, the upper eyelid is like a longitudinally cut almond (half ellipse), and the lower eyelid is full of circular curve; the distance between the two eyes should be at least equal to the width of one eye; the outer angle of the eye is slightly higher than the inner angle of the eye, bright, clear and alert. Nose: medium length, width and length, viewed from the side, the bridge of the nose to the forehead presents a slightly concave curve. The coat is short and thick, hard and dense to resist moisture, cold and skin damage. There are more than 100 kinds of coat colors. The CFA recognizes a total of 62 colors, including white, black, blue, red, brown, silver, red, blue, tiger patch, two-color, hawksbill, etc.

Shandong lion cat variety Daquan

       Pictures of Shandong lion cat

       Linqing lion cat, also known as Shandong lion cat, is the offspring of Persian cat and Luxi civet cat. Among many breeds, the lion cat with a blue eye, a yellow eye and snow-white fur is the most precious.

       People call it “mandarin duck eye lion cat”. Its blue eyes are crystal clear; its yellow eyes are glittering and transparent. They are gentle in temperament and large in size, generally up to 5-8KG. The hair is long and soft, with big head and round eyes, sharp ears and long legs, round waist and thick tail. It likes to be clean, good at jumping and agile in action.

       The following Boqi network to introduce the characteristics of Shandong lion cat.

       morphological character

       Shandong lion cat has a large head, long ears and long hair. The hair on the neck and back can be as long as 4-5cm. The pure breed of Shandong lion cat has long white hair with 4-5cm long hair on its neck and back. There are also black-and-white fur varieties.

       Shandong lion cat is a white long haired cat. There are also black and white fur color varieties, but pure white is more precious. Shandong lion cat has strong body, strong disease resistance, cold tolerance and good at catching mice. Among them, Linqing cats in Shandong Province are the most valuable. In addition to their thick snow-white fur, some cats also have yellow and blue mandarin duck eyes (also known as yin-yang eyes).

       1. Body features of “iron gun dragging jade vase”: Lion cat with white body and black tail

       2. Body features of “general hang Yin”: those with different colors in the middle of the back

       3. Body features of “hang Yin Tuo gun”: a lion cat with white body and black tail and black forehead

       4. The body features of “negative print gun”: a lion cat with white body and black tail and black back

       5. Body features of “silver gun dragging iron bottle”: black body and white tail lion cat

       6. Body features of “black clouds covered with snow”: Lion cat with black back and white belly

       7. Body features of “searching for plum blossom in snow”: black cat and white clawed lion cat

       8. “Whip Hydrangea” body features: head and neck in the middle of a different color, tail tip and head spot of the same color

       9. The body features of “sending charcoal in the snow”: the whole body is snow-white, and there is a black lion cat on the top of the head

       Living habits

       Lion cats are timid and solitary. Generally, they don’t let them out of the house. Timid cats may panic and run away or dare not move when they are taken out of the room. Do not tie them (tied with a rope) or cage, which will greatly increase the cat’s sense of distrust and fear, resulting in psychological problems such as depression and irritability [2]. Strong body, strong disease resistance, cold resistance, good at catching mice. Good at jumping, quick in action, alert and clean.

       Growth and reproduction

       The lion and cat breed with feline, and have strong fecundity. The female cats began to oestrus around 6 months old, mostly in spring and autumn. The gestation period was about 60 days. Each litter gave birth to 2-3 pups, with an annual output of two. The kittens were weaned after two months. Female cats can reproduce for 3 to 4 years.

       Personality characteristics

       Linqing lion cat is quiet and lovely, docile and pleasant, honest to people, easy to communicate, easy to get the master’s favor, is a good mousetrap.

       Linqing lion cat is a typical apartment cat, delicate, smart, gentle, lazy.

       Tracing the source of history

       Because of its rarity, it was often paid to the palace in the old days. According to historical records, Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty kept a lion and cat in Yongshou palace in Xiyuan. After that, he died and regretted it. In order to make a golden coffin, he buried it at the foot of longevity mountain. His righteous life was to value all the elders and recommend him to live beyond life. Yuan Wei, a scholar in charge of lectures, said “turn a lion into a dragon” in his sacrifice. In order to invite the emperor to favor, he was promoted to Shao Zai, Bi Zong Bo, plus a product into the cabinet.

How to stop cats from biting wires

       Cats are always interested in wires and other things, so it is inevitable that the wires at home will be poisoned. When a cat is gnawed, it is small, but when it dies, it is big. So what if your pet cat nibbles at wires? Needless to say, it’s very dangerous for a cat to bite a wire. Parents must pay attention to it and try to stop it. 1. Put all the electrical sockets in the house where the cat can’t reach, and the wires should be hidden. If it is really impossible to hide, then choose to use tape to fix it and seal it, so as to prevent the cat from biting the wire easily. 2. When not using household appliances, unplug the corresponding power supply. In this way, even if it is impossible to prevent the cat from biting the wire, the cat will not be hurt by electricity. 3. Once the cat is found biting the wire, the owner’s attitude should be severe punishment and warning. Through the warning and threat of parents, let the cat have fear, let it slowly get rid of the habit of touching and biting wires. 4. Prepare more late sleep that can attract cats at home. Ball, biting glue, biting stick, grinding claw board and so on. Distract the cat from gnawing at the wires. 5. Choose some spray that the cat doesn’t like and spray it around the wire and socket to avoid the cat from biting the wire because of curiosity. No matter what method is used to prevent the cat from biting the wire, parents should train and teach the cat well when it is young. It is very important to develop good living habits.

How to train cats to be aggressive

       Cat’s aggressive behavior is mostly caused by emotional stimulation, so the owner should avoid anything that may affect the cat’s mood. If the cat has aggressive behavior, how should the owner train? 1. If it is a lonely old cat, you may as well add a kitten to accompany it. It’s easier for an old and a young to accept each other, but it should be noted that the kitten should be brought home by a person the old cat never knows. This person appears in the hope that the old cat will not associate you with the kitten and produce jealousy. 2. If the old cat is hostile to the kitten, we can call the kitten “the kitten of the old cat”, because it can make a positive connection between them. Secondly, when talking to the kitten, you should talk to the old cat at the same time, so that the old cat can be involved and have normal contact with the kitten, so as to cultivate the feelings between them. 3. If the cat is particularly nervous about someone, you might as well refer to the person as a cat, such as “this is Lily of the cat, it is Lily’s cat”. Connect them. This will dispel the cat’s tension and anxiety about the person, but practice it over and over. 4. Cats are easily affected by their owners’ emotions. As masters, you should do more stress reducing exercises and activities to relax you and your cat. 5. Some owners will go to the pet hospital and use tranquilizers to control the cat’s mood. However, if only try the tranquilizer, it is a temporary but not a permanent solution. To be effective, the cat’s behavior must be reconstructed and supplemented with sedatives, so as to help the cat and reduce its aggressive behavior. 6. Music can also relax cats and reduce their aggressive behavior. So, you can play your music with soft background music, which can also soothe the cat. 7. When a cat is nervous, it will naturally attack its enemies with its claws, so you should often cut the cat’s nails. When cutting, it is better to let another person hold it to distract its attention.

Introduction of Siamese cats and pictures of Siamese cats

       Siamese cat (details)

       Siam (read Xi ¨¡ n) is a world famous short haired cat, and also a representative breed of short hair cat. Ethnic history Siamese cats originated in Thailand (hence Siam). More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised only in Thailand’s imperial palaces and monasteries. It is a noble who stays at home. Many friends can’t read this word, this should read Xian Oh, remember, then this issue of Borch will bring you the introduction of Siamese cat species, I hope you have more understanding of cat knowledge.


       Head: equilateral triangle, the whole face from the nose to the ears in a straight line, showing a V-shaped. Therefore, the development of the whole face is very uniform and symmetrical, and the bone at the bottom of the cheek is smooth, so the uniform color can be seen at the bottom of the whiskers.

       Ears: large and sensitive. The base of the ear is broad and has a strong color. The tip of the ear is more sharp than the end of the ear.

       Foot Palms: small and oval, with five toes in each forelimb and four toes in the hind limbs.

       Tail: long and pointed, with a focused color at the end.

       Coat: short, fine and glossy.

       Teeth: scissors bite.

       Eyes: medium-sized apricot shaped, eyes hanging upward. The color is dark blue or lake blue, and some Siamese cats have light blue eyes. The elongated line from the inner corner of the eye to the tip of the eye forms a V shape with the tip of the ear. The eyes are slightly convex.

       Nose: the nasal tube is long and straight, extending to the forehead. The bridge of the nose is high and straight. It is an equilateral triangle from the nose to the ear tip.

       Limbs: long and thin, hind limb is higher than forelimb, and the front of limbs is slightly egg shaped. And the limbs, body and neck match evenly slender.

       Body type: medium size, slender and slim. It has fine bones and strong muscles. Long neck, long body and slender tail. It is cylindrical from shoulder to hip. The abdomen is compact but not retracted. The buttocks are strong and shoulder width. The limbs are slender and coordinated.

       Coat color: body hair is uniform and monochromatic, but seal spots are allowed. There is a little shadow on the blue spots. The color of body hair should be obviously contrasted with spot color. All the characteristic spots (nose, limbs, ears, tail) are the same color, and there should be no mixed hair color and white in the spots. The spot color of the characteristic part shall be as follows:

       Seal spot: the body is beige. The face, ears, lower half of legs, feet and back are all seal colors.

       Blue spot: the body is beige. The face, ears, feet and tail are blue gray.

       Chocolate spots: the body is ivory, the face, ears, legs, feet, tail for chocolate color, nose for brown.

       Lilac spots (LILAC spots): white and pinkish gray on the body. The face, ears, legs and tail are lavender.


       The head is slender and wedge-shaped. The skull is flat and straight from the top of the head to the tip of the nose when viewed from the side. The face is sharp and V-shaped, and the muzzle is sharp, forming a V-shape from the tip of the muzzle to the tip of the ear. The bridge of the nose is high and straight. It is an equilateral triangle from the nose to the ear tip. The cheek is thin and the teeth are scissors bite. The ears are large, with a broad base and sharp, erect ears. Eyes of moderate size, almond shaped, blue, dark or light. The elongated line from the inner corner of the eye to the tip of the eye forms a V shape with the tip of the ear. The eyes are slightly convex. The tail is long and thin, and the tip of the tail is slightly curly. The length is equal to the hind limbs. Good flexibility, muscular development, slim figure, angular growth, thin and long legs. The palms are small and oval. The tail is long and beautiful, with a sharp end.

       Bad sexual characteristics

       Birch net reminds you that for the body type other than Oriental type, there are shadow colors on lilac spots and chocolate spots. Loose and soft constitution, sunken eyes or strabismus, improper color of nose and foot, and inconsistent color of spots are the disadvantages. Spot part has white spot, blue and light green eye color, tail abnormal twist, no spot is inferior.

How to judge whether a cat is overweight

       Many people judge whether a cat is overweight according to its weight. It is unscientific. Different kinds of cats have different weight requirements. Simply put, we can’t use the weight and body shape standards of exotic short haired cats to measure Oriental short haired cats? Therefore, cat weight should be divided in different ways.

       Lean muscle cat

       As for the slim cats represented by Siamese cat, Oriental short hair cat, Bengal leopard cat and Singapore cat, they have long body shape, slender limbs, light body shape and beautiful muscle lines. If they get fat, they will be shown on their stomachs first. When they had a tight lower abdomen appeared soft pouch meat, the two sides of the body obviously bulged out, showing a jujube shaped, that they should lose weight. And when their faces and necks are obviously silly, it means they are too fat!

       Round and thick cat

       Plump kittens, such as British and exotic Bobcats, have a pair of big bony shelves, thick beard pads, big plump cheeks, and thick neck, which make them look very fat. For such cats, we can look at the ratio of their head to belly. If the width of their belly exceeds the width of their head, it means that their food standard may exceed the standard~

       Stout cat

       How should we judge the strong and solid cats such as American short haired cat and Chinese civet cat (details)? At this time, you can see their scapula protrusion. When the cat lies down, there is no obvious protrusion at the scapula. Then, go on a diet to lose weight!

       Long hairy cat

       Cats with a lot of fur are often considered fat when they are not fat. For example, jinjila, Persian and Himalayan cats are regarded as fat because their hair is too heavy and heavy. Therefore, we can judge whether they are overweight or not when we give them bath water and flush them tightly to their bodies. We can see the ratio of their stomachs to their heads and necks Examples are enough.

       In fact, because the standard weight of each breed of cat is different, we can take the standard weight of each cat as the reference basis. When the cat’s weight exceeds 15% of the standard weight, it can be called overweight; if the cat’s weight exceeds 30% of the standard weight, it is called obesity; if it exceeds 30% of the standard weight, it is called obesity, and we must lose weight as soon as possible.