Can short haired cats shed their hair? What cat doesn’t shed hair?

       In daily life, many kinds of pet cats belong to short haired cats. Do they not lose their hair? In fact, this is not the case. As soon as spring comes, both long haired and short haired cats are in the season of crazy hair loss. If you want to raise cats that can’t shed hair, you have to choose some “special” varieties. Let’s answer them one by one.

       1¡¢ Can short haired cats shed their hair?

       When the weather changes, the hormones of short haired cats will change. There is no way to stop this kind of depilation, except to accept it. As long as you are diligent in carding, cleaning carefully while combing and kneading carefully when bathing, you can roughly clean the hair that will fall off normally, so as to avoid covering the whole room with short hair cat hair. As for seasonal hair changing, I have to say that, generally speaking, the amount of hair for underage cats is less. For the parents of new cats, they seldom neglect the problem of hair loss in the first year of raising cats. However, when the season changes in the next year, they suddenly find that the cat seems to lose a lot of hair all at once. Parents often think that the cat has something wrong with it In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. The metabolism of cats will be more vigorous in adulthood, so the amount of hair removed will be large. Moreover, with the arrival of young cats, the amount of hair change will increase every year during the season of changing clothes. Until the cat is old, the amount of hair change will gradually decrease. As a result, young cats lose more hair in the changing season, so don’t worry too much.

       In addition, the diet does not pay attention to, intake of excessive salt, resulting in short hair cat kidney burden, also cause cat hair dry. Don’t give the short haired cat human food, and don’t give the cat meat because of its pathetic expression. If there is no condition to feed short hair cat food, salt and other condiments should not be put in when making cat rice, so as to ensure the healthy diet of cats. Short haired cats with good nutrition should have silky, glossy hair. Generally speaking, short haired cats with weak gastrointestinal function, long hair and single food are prone to malnutrition and hair loss. Different nutrient elements can be supplemented according to the situation to ensure balanced nutrition.

       2¡¢ What cat doesn’t shed hair?

       1. Curly cat

       Think about it carefully, we can find a strange rule, straight hair animals are easy to lose hair, such as short hair cats, long hair cats, including dogs, but curly hair animals will not easily shed hair, such as some curly dogs and cats, I mean most of the situation, but not absolutely, as to why this is so, we can not prove, but some curly cats It’s true that hair loss is not serious (it doesn’t mean no hair loss). Cornes curly cat is one of them.

       2. Hairless cat

       Hairless cats are caused by genetic problems. Hairless cats do not have hair all over the body, and there is only a little fluff. This kind of fluff will fall off slightly. But presumably, even if the fur of a hairless cat falls off completely, it will not shed as much as a short haired cat in a day. Therefore, it is also a kind of cat that can shed hair, but the hair loss is not serious, if it is not allergic to cat hair Then, the amount of hair removal can be ignored. Canadian hairless cat is one of the representative breeds.

       A cat’s loveliness lies in its comfortable hair. If you want to keep a cat that doesn’t shed hair at all, it’s impossible to have a cat. If you want to keep a cat, you have to accept it together with its shortcomings. Compared with the company it keeps for years, what is this little hair loss?