How to choose a cat toy

       Many owners like to buy toys for the cat in order to distract the cat’s energy and find something to do when the cat is at home. But what kind of toy is suitable for the cat? What are the characteristics of cat toys?

       1. Be firm. If it can withstand shaking, throwing, biting, scratching, patting, kicking, licking and many pouches without scattering, it can be said that it is a good cat toy. Cat toys filled with cat mint are easy to arouse cat’s interest, but most cats eat cat Mint because they like to eat cat mint. A cat Mint toy made of thin cloth or felt will become rags in a week and may enter the cat’s belly. The same is true for plastic or vinyl toys that are easily bitten or broken.

       2. There should be no parts easy to fall off. The four most popular cat toys are cat Mint mice with wired tails, caterpillars inlaid with eyes, oversized Plush wasps with patterns, and plastic tennis balls with alluring balls. But they have a common weakness: small and easy to fall off parts. If you can tear a decoration off a cat toy, so can a cat. Check out your toys in this way. It’s better to play with a cat without a tail than to go to the hospital and take the tail out of the cat’s stomach.

       3. And interesting. Cat toys that cats are not interested in are not cat toys. Many cat owners have come across this situation: a cat toy bought for 100 yuan is not as attractive as a small paper ball or table tennis ball. Cats like to use the skills they are good at: climbing, running, jumping, hiding and jumping. Choose toys that stimulate these behaviors, and cats will love them. When the cat jumps, it’s the place to jump. Cats are more likely to see moving objects, so they prefer toys that swing around, jump up and down, and run around, because these toys can stimulate the cat’s hunting nature.