How to stop the cat who loves playing with wires

       It’s not fun for cats to play with wires. There are many cats who have been electrocuted because of biting wires. Dear parents, if you find that the cat baby has a bad habit of playing with wires, remember to stop it immediately and then carry out corrective training. In daily life, we can use the following practical methods to stop cats from playing with wires and avoid irreparable consequences. 1. As long as it is found that the pet cat contacts or plays with wires, it is necessary to stop it at the first time. Remember, for this kind of principled problem, your attitude must be firm, through warning, reprimand and other methods to let the cat have a sense of fear, let it dare not touch the wire, gnaw wire. 2. Usually, you can buy more toys that cats like to play with (for example, balls, glue biting, raking board, etc.), and use toys to attract the cat’s attention and help it pass the boring time. When a cat has a toy, it usually won’t want to touch the wire, so parents can relax their worries. 3. When arranging wires, we should consider the “influence of wires on cats”, and arrange those wires and plugs well. For example, the wire can be wrapped in a shell below the wire so that the cat can’t bite the wire. And it’s better to buy those that can be “turned off” so that the cat can’t touch the socket, and there’s no need to worry about it getting an electric shock. (some parents will wrap the wires with tape to prevent the cat from playing and biting.) PS: when the owner is away from home, he can unplug the wire at home, which can reduce the risk of the cat touching the wire. Sometimes even if the cat bites the wire, because the wire is not powered on, it will not cause significant harm to the cat.