Feeding points of pomila cat

       There are no special requirements for the food of pomila cat. In foreign countries, many people suggest using raw meat to feed pomila cat, but this proposal has aroused widespread debate. The focus of the debate is on the safety of raw meat for cats. Proponents say raw meat feeding is more interesting to cats, and eating raw meat can reduce the probability of tooth problems, reduce body odor, avoid eating bad chemical additives, and make cats stronger. Opponents say raw meat may have a series of adverse effects on cats, among which parasitic diseases, diarrhea and vomiting are the most common.

       Most of the time, the cat owner will still feed the cat food, and the cat food contains enough nutrients for the cat’s body, so even if the cat’s food is only fed, the owner will not worry about the cat’s nutritional deficiency. And now there are many kinds of cat food on the market, and there is a lot of room for the owners to choose, so it has won the favor of many people. However, with the rising status of pets in people’s hearts, owners will also raise cats as family members, so it is not enough to eat cat food alone. They will also prepare snacks for cats. At present, there are mainly two kinds of snacks for cats – directly purchased snacks and homemade snacks.

       Don’t think that the snacks purchased directly are tailor-made for the cat, and you can feed the cat unscrupulously. If you eat too many snacks for a long time, your cat may become extremely picky. In clinical practice, there are many picky foods. At the end of the day, it will be very difficult for cats to get rid of this habit. For parents of homemade snacks, you must know which foods can be given to cats, and which foods cannot be given to them. Once eaten by mistake, cats may have many unexpected situations. In addition, seasoning should also be very careful, do not use your own taste to measure the taste of the cat.

       Last but not least, don’t give your cat the food you eat on your table. Let the cat eat the food on the table mainly has the following hazards: 1. Bring burden to the cat’s body, urinary system diseases are the most common; 2. Cats become picky, once they find that there is food suitable for them on the table, they may decisively abandon the cat food they ate before; 3. Some cats eat the food on the host’s table, as long as they have a chance to enter the kitchen They will start to search the garbage cans for food with the same smell. Some cats will go to the hospital because of the moldy food.