Whose fault is the cat accidentally pregnant?


       With the emergence of more and more stray cats on the roadside, we are getting used to the wild cats that can be seen everywhere. On the one hand, it is the embodiment of cats’ strong reproductive ability. On the other hand, it also shows that the reproduction of cats is beyond our control. So, what causes the unexpected pregnancy of cats?

       New research shows that cat owners in the UK and the US have considerable misconceptions about the hairy guys’ fertility habits. In one survey, for example, 84% of 715 respondents believed that cats might be pregnant before they were six months old. This is not true. Kittens are fertile as early as three to four months old. Another half believed that the female “should” (or “probably should”) give birth to a litter before sterilization. Another 39% felt that cats were not inbreeding, but they could. ??

       In addition, a quarter of British respondents believe that cats cannot conceive before the age of one. Overall, one in eight of the respondents had an unexpected pregnancy. As a result of these misunderstandings, 850000 unscheduled kittens are born in the UK every year. As a result, 150000 kittens die each year in British shelters. ??

       It seems that cats want to be born in the UK more than people. This is a serious problem. They are at a loss for shelters. Researchers in the United States say the cat star surplus is a bigger problem in the United States. Three to four million cats die each year in shelters in the United States, more than half of which are euthanasia. ??

       Interestingly, this study, which started in the UK and ended up in the US, shows that cat owners are confused about the cat’s reproductive capacity. Their lack of understanding of the speed at which cats breed has led to an unnecessary surplus of cats. ??

       People don’t realize how difficult it is to keep a cat from becoming pregnant. To prevent accidental pregnancy, cat owners should sterilize or castrate their kittens when they are four months old. Removal of the ovaries can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in cats. Sterilization and castration can also help people resist overpopulation and prevent cats from being euthanized. ??

       About 80% of cats have been sterilized or castrated, but not early enough. The overpopulation of cats causes great pressure on animal shelters and makes life difficult for many cats. At the same time, too many cats also cause environmental problems. For example, cats attack wild animals such as birds. It is not clear why the cat’s owners believe that the female should give birth to a litter of kittens before sterilization. But it may reflect human values about the importance of cats to their families.

       Therefore, if the cat is accidentally pregnant, the suggestion is that if the female cat is not pregnant for a long time, take it to induce labor; if it does not intend to let the cat give birth, why? Female cats are as painful as human beings, but they have to give birth to many cats. Do you want to let your big cats stand the risk of giving birth? Can you take care of more than one kitten? Is it possible to guarantee that the adopters will not abandon the kittens, raise them scientifically, sterilize them when they are old, and treat them kindly?

       Some parents want their cats to have a baby and then sterilize them. Why do they have to have them since they are all going to be sterilized? Because cats have to be born once to be complete? Cats are cats, animals and pets. Don’t add the idea of human beings to feline mating. Cats can’t fall in love, socialize, marry or raise their own children, because kittens are cute? Then why not adopt another kitten. Kittens will grow up too. Instead of having a group of cats that can’t be raised, why not reduce the number of stray cats or cats that need home. Or is it because their cats are “purebred” and “good friends”? It can be known that two races may not give birth to one race grade. Random mating can also easily lead to sexual contact and genetic diseases. If you buy a series, it will easily produce a cat with problems. So we need to change our mind to prevent the cat from getting pregnant accidentally. ?????????????? ??