Cats get sick when they’re stressed out


       We have a lot of pressure in our life in the invisible constraints on us, sometimes pressure us breathless, and too much pressure, will make us sick. Well, it’s the same with cats. Cats are more sensitive to the outside world. Changes in some environmental factors or human factors will cause stress to cats. However, they don’t have so many ways to reduce pressure. Therefore, owners should pay more attention to them in raising.

       I. sources of pressure

       Stress can come from excessive attention, a messy environment, and annoying noise. Cats show signs of illness or stress, such as reduced appetite, vomiting, and urination. These adverse reactions occur at most once a week when life is neat, orderly and stress-free. If the cat’s life pattern is disturbed, the risk of disease will be doubled. ??

       In the living environment of domestic cats, there are two common sources of stress. One is the dog. Although the dog can’t beat the cat under the same size, the dog will still make the cat nervous. As for the big dog, it will make the cat more stressed. The other is the owner himself. The cat is also prone to nervousness if the owner is always disturbed and doesn’t clean up the house. ??

       Second, animal behavior experts from the University of Lincoln, the Austrian veterinary University and the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil conducted a joint study to measure the levels of stress hormones in different breeds of cats before and after being stroked. The results showed that cats release anxiety related hormones after being touched, in other words, cats don’t like being touched. Although some cats endure being stroked, they are actually under more pressure than they are not. ¡¡??¡¡

       “Our data show that cats who are tolerant of touching are the most stressed,” Daniel mill, a professor of veterinary behavioral medicine at Lincoln University, was quoted as saying by the daily mail on the 8th The researchers suggest cat lovers: it’s better not to keep stroking cats, given how they feel. ??

       On the other hand, more than half of the cats are still bred by wild cats, which are relatively more wild. Therefore, they are still in a semi domesticated state, unable to meet the requirements of their owners that they should change temperature and care for their families. Being friendly with other cats is one of the biggest stressors of modern cats. There are many cat lovers who have more than one adult cat in their home. Although they feel that such a big family will not be lonely, it is definitely a headache for most cats because they are not good at interacting with other cats. The discord between cats does not necessarily show through fighting and hissing. Dividing territory at home is also an expression of unwillingness to interact with each other. This virtually increases the pressure between cats. ??

       2¡¢ High pressure performance

       People under pressure will have physical and psychological adverse reactions, so do cats. John Bradshaw, a cat behaviorist at the University of Bristol, said stress could make cats vulnerable to skin diseases such as eczema or cystitis. Because of the small space and high pressure, the cats living in the city often have behaviors out of order, such as fighting. ??

       Sometimes, when cats are sleeping, snoring is also considered to be one of the causes of stress. ??

       3¡¢ How to reduce pressure

       So how can you reduce pressure on your cat? The answer is to create a rich and comfortable living environment for them. For example, you can isolate the hidden space and let the cat play hide and seek. Can provide them with a variety of toys, beautiful and comfortable nest, and every day to spare a certain time to take care of them, with them to play, let the cat every day happy, carefree, will naturally reduce the occurrence of disease. ??

       Take urinary tract infections and bladder stones, which are the most common diseases of domestic cats. There are many kind-hearted masters who can’t bear to let their pets suffer, so they choose to be euthanized. Even some selfish owners don’t want to put up with the trouble themselves and send them to the shelter. However, as long as they pay attention to reduce pressure, such tragedies can be completely avoided. So before you choose to euthanize a sick cat, you must first look at its living environment. If it has been living in a dirty and poor environment, hurry to clean the room, buy toys, and then cooperate with treatment, there may be a chance to recover. ??

       If you’re going to adopt a cat again, please don’t ignore the “old love” when you dominated your family for a long time. Take two old handkerchiefs, one of which is used to rub the head of “old love”, and then take it to the adoption center and put it in the cage of your favorite cat. The other is used to rub the head of “new favorite”, and then take it home to “old love” to let both parties know each other in advance The smell. For cats, it’s the same as exchanging photos before a blind date. If your cat is very resistant to the smell, then you should be prepared. It is suggested that the owners of multiple cats should let the cats choose how to share the activity space, and arrange exclusive eating and excretion places for each cat. ??????