Shandong lion cat variety Daquan

       Pictures of Shandong lion cat

       Linqing lion cat, also known as Shandong lion cat, is the offspring of Persian cat and Luxi civet cat. Among many breeds, the lion cat with a blue eye, a yellow eye and snow-white fur is the most precious.

       People call it “mandarin duck eye lion cat”. Its blue eyes are crystal clear; its yellow eyes are glittering and transparent. They are gentle in temperament and large in size, generally up to 5-8KG. The hair is long and soft, with big head and round eyes, sharp ears and long legs, round waist and thick tail. It likes to be clean, good at jumping and agile in action.

       The following Boqi network to introduce the characteristics of Shandong lion cat.

       morphological character

       Shandong lion cat has a large head, long ears and long hair. The hair on the neck and back can be as long as 4-5cm. The pure breed of Shandong lion cat has long white hair with 4-5cm long hair on its neck and back. There are also black-and-white fur varieties.

       Shandong lion cat is a white long haired cat. There are also black and white fur color varieties, but pure white is more precious. Shandong lion cat has strong body, strong disease resistance, cold tolerance and good at catching mice. Among them, Linqing cats in Shandong Province are the most valuable. In addition to their thick snow-white fur, some cats also have yellow and blue mandarin duck eyes (also known as yin-yang eyes).

       1. Body features of “iron gun dragging jade vase”: Lion cat with white body and black tail

       2. Body features of “general hang Yin”: those with different colors in the middle of the back

       3. Body features of “hang Yin Tuo gun”: a lion cat with white body and black tail and black forehead

       4. The body features of “negative print gun”: a lion cat with white body and black tail and black back

       5. Body features of “silver gun dragging iron bottle”: black body and white tail lion cat

       6. Body features of “black clouds covered with snow”: Lion cat with black back and white belly

       7. Body features of “searching for plum blossom in snow”: black cat and white clawed lion cat

       8. “Whip Hydrangea” body features: head and neck in the middle of a different color, tail tip and head spot of the same color

       9. The body features of “sending charcoal in the snow”: the whole body is snow-white, and there is a black lion cat on the top of the head

       Living habits

       Lion cats are timid and solitary. Generally, they don’t let them out of the house. Timid cats may panic and run away or dare not move when they are taken out of the room. Do not tie them (tied with a rope) or cage, which will greatly increase the cat’s sense of distrust and fear, resulting in psychological problems such as depression and irritability [2]. Strong body, strong disease resistance, cold resistance, good at catching mice. Good at jumping, quick in action, alert and clean.

       Growth and reproduction

       The lion and cat breed with feline, and have strong fecundity. The female cats began to oestrus around 6 months old, mostly in spring and autumn. The gestation period was about 60 days. Each litter gave birth to 2-3 pups, with an annual output of two. The kittens were weaned after two months. Female cats can reproduce for 3 to 4 years.

       Personality characteristics

       Linqing lion cat is quiet and lovely, docile and pleasant, honest to people, easy to communicate, easy to get the master’s favor, is a good mousetrap.

       Linqing lion cat is a typical apartment cat, delicate, smart, gentle, lazy.

       Tracing the source of history

       Because of its rarity, it was often paid to the palace in the old days. According to historical records, Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty kept a lion and cat in Yongshou palace in Xiyuan. After that, he died and regretted it. In order to make a golden coffin, he buried it at the foot of longevity mountain. His righteous life was to value all the elders and recommend him to live beyond life. Yuan Wei, a scholar in charge of lectures, said “turn a lion into a dragon” in his sacrifice. In order to invite the emperor to favor, he was promoted to Shao Zai, Bi Zong Bo, plus a product into the cabinet.

Species classification of lion cat in Shandong Province

       The main classification basis of Shandong lion cat is coat color. It can be roughly divided into the following four types:

       One is white lion cat.

       The coat color is pure white. Its eyes can be divided into Mandarin Duck eyes (i.e. one yellow eye and one blue eye) or two blue eyes. There are three kinds of double yellow eyes, among which mandarin duck eyes are the most precious.


       Its shape is like a white lion cat, but its body is slightly long, with yellow eyes. Except for the white shoulders and gray abdominal hair, it is also regarded as a treasure because of its small number.

       Third, whip hydrangea.

       Its shape is like a white lion cat. There are black spots on the forehead, and the tail is black, long and sharp, which can be swung to the head, so it is called “whip Hydrangea”.

       Four is the flower lion cat.

       Some of the dorsal hairs are grayish brown with tiger spots; some are white with black and yellow flower spots. According to cat owners, this breed is the offspring of a cross between white lion cat and common cat.