How to deal with cat dystocia

       Due to the small size of the cat, the general cat will choose a quiet and dark place to produce. But when the cat has dystocia, what measures should be taken to help the cat as a totally inexperienced owner?

       When it’s time for the cat to give birth, the cat’s pudendum is stained with red and smelly liquid. At the same time, the female cat licks her vulva with her tongue, kicks her abdomen with her hind feet or rolls on the ground frequently. Cat abdomen has obvious contraction phenomenon, but for a long time no kitten was born. Then we can judge that the cat has had dystocia.

       When the cat has dystocia, the breeder can gently massage the cat’s abdomen with his hand, and press the abdominal wall with the palm of his hand according to the frequency of abdominal contraction of the female cat, from light to heavy, so as to promote its contraction and give birth to the fetus. If, with the help of the breeder, the kitten is still not born for a long time, then it should be sent to the clinic in time for diagnosis and treatment.

       In the days before the birth of the cat, it is best for the owner to take the cat to the pet clinic for pre birth inspection. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, to decide whether to let the pet cat produce itself or in the hospital. Do the necessary work during childbirth to ensure the smooth and safe delivery of cats.