Is the puppet cat gentle?

       Muppet cat is a very beautiful breed, and now it has become a variety that many cat lovers are competing for. Many people will ask, is the character of puppet cat good? The answer is yes. Muppets are gentle and friendly to human beings. They are good pet companions. However, Muppets are not only good in character, but also very sticky. So if you want to raise Muppets, you should be prepared.

       The characteristics of puppet cat

       Ragdoll cat, English name ragdoll, also known as doll cat. The origin of the Muppet cat is the United States, also known as the Braddock cat, is a cat breed bred by ANN Baker, a California woman. The cat is the largest in size and weight. Their ancestors are white long haired cat and Berman cat. They began breeding in 1960 and were recognized in the United States in 1965.

       The whole body of the puppet cat is very loose and soft. Like a soft puppet, it is gentle and quiet. It is very friendly and patient. It has a strong tolerance for pain and is often mistaken for lack of pain. Very tolerant of children’s play, so named puppet cat, is a very ideal family pet. This kind of cat is not suitable for them to play outside. They should be kept indoors. They can live in peace with children, dogs and the elderly, and they like to be with people very much. They will greet their owners at the door and follow them up and down. So if you are a busy office worker and can’t spend too much time with them, it’s better not to raise this breed, or you will make them very unhappy.

       The coat color of puppet cat is not much, usually with seal key color and three or two colors. The cat is large in size, long in body, muscular, broad in chest, thick and short in neck, with long development period. It takes about three years for the kitten to fully mature. It is characterized by large and wedge-shaped head, flat head, dark blue eyes, round snout, slight depression on short nose, V-shaped stripes on some faces and long hair on neck. Some species of Muppet cats seem to wear gloves on their forefeet. The two gloves are white in color and similar in size, and do not exceed the angle formed by the legs and soles. The white boots on the hind legs extend up to the ankle joint, and the whole body is white from chin to tail, which is the boutique of puppet cat.

       2. The character of puppet cat

       He is gentle and quiet, and has great tolerance for pain. Therefore, the injury may be ignored. This kind of cat is not suitable for them to play outside. They should be kept indoors. They can live in peace with children, dogs and the elderly, and they like to be with people very much. They will greet their owners at the door and follow them up and down. So if you are a busy office worker and can’t spend too much time with them, it’s better not to raise this breed, or you will make them very unhappy.

       Muppets are very close to people. They will run to the door to welcome you back, follow you from room to room, lie down on you, sleep with you, and love you with all your heart. They are very tame, often careful not to scratch people, and get along well with children, old people and dogs. Puppet cats generally like to play on the flat ground, and are not keen on jumping up and down. They think that people prefer a light meow to a loud howl, so they sound soft and sweet.

       Muppets are smart and docile. We don’t have to worry too much about them in the process of breeding. However, the fur of Muppets is a little longer, so the owners need to take care of and comb them regularly to prevent their hair from knotting and causing skin diseases. In the process of carding, we should not hurt the Muppet cat. Although it is gentle, it can not bully others.

What are the habits of puppet cat

       Muppet cat is a kind of cat with relatively large body size and weight. It is also a kind of sticky cat. They are gentle and quiet, friendly to people, and patient, so many people think they lack pain. In addition, the shape of the puppet cat is also very beautiful, a mufei cat named muffie is loved by many people because of its appearance. However, generally speaking, the price of Muppets is not cheap, which requires a certain economic basis.

       Muppets are gentle, quiet and sociable. They can get along well with dogs. And the call is gentle, emotional, loving, like to be accompanied by people, very friendly to people. The whole body is particularly flabby and soft, with strong tolerance for pain, so even if they are slightly injured, we may not be able to see anything unusual in their behavior. For Muppet cats, it’s not suitable to take them out to play. They are usually kept indoors. They can live in peace with children, dogs and the elderly, and they like to be with human beings very much. They will greet their owners at the door and follow them around. They need some time to take care of them. Therefore, if you are a busy office worker and don’t have much time to accompany them, you’d better not choose to raise this breed, otherwise it may make the cat feel too lonely and suffer from depression. In addition, puppet cats generally like to play on the ground, and are not keen on jumping up and down.

       Muppets are extremely gentle and lack of instinct to protect themselves, so they are more suitable for indoor breeding. In general, they should be sterilized and provided with appropriate living environment, such as equipped with cat scratch board to adapt to their scratching habits. These are the basic conditions for maintaining their health, longevity and happiness.

       Muppets are very considerate of their owners’ busy life rhythm, so they lick and comb their own silky hair of medium length. If you want to comb their hair, you can use a steel needle to comb, but most puppet cats do not need to comb. They rarely shed their hair, they rarely have hair balls, they are elegant and eager to please people.

       Puppet cats are good at pleasing their owners, and they are always inseparable from their owners. This kind of cat is very quiet, but also likes to play with toys and like to participate in the daily life of the family. It is a strict indoor cat. They are highly artificially bred. They are not suitable for survival in the wild and are not suitable for outdoor free breeding.

       Muppets are a late maturing breed. Their coat color is at least 2 years old, and their body and weight are at least 4 years old. The whole body of the newborn kitten is white. After a week, the color of the face, ears and tail of the kitten began to change. The fur did not stabilize until the age of 2, and it was not fully grown until 3-4 years old.

       Generally speaking, puppet cat has a gentle character, a more sticky personality and a more outstanding appearance. Because of their docile character, they don’t know how to resist, so it is easy to suffer losses if they are raised separately. Therefore, it is recommended to keep them indoors. Spend more time with them, which will make your relationship more intimate.

Do you know about the diseases and health problems of Muppets?

       If the cat friends have a cute puppet cat at home, you give it a valuable “villa”, give it nutritious cat food, regularly do internal and external insect repellent, and regularly go to a large and professional pet store to have a beauty bath. It seems that your cat is too happy, but do you really know your cat? Do you know what kind of genetic disease it will have in addition to what you give it? Is there any threat to its health?

       There is a genetic disease in Muppet cat population, which is HCM myocardial hypertrophy. The disease is more likely to occur in inbred Muppets. The cutiedolls Muppet house has always adopted strict screening for breeding cats and eliminated the diseased genes by DNA testing, thus fundamentally eradicating the existence of this disease.

       Even if there is no possibility of genetic disease, the owners should not relax their vigilance. Please vaccinate the kittens with feline plague vaccine and rabies vaccine on time, and do a good job of deworming inside and outside the body to ensure the healthy growth of the kittens. For young kittens, please pay special attention to keep warm, especially after bathing, please dry thoroughly. A cold can be light or heavy for a young cat.

       In addition to a cold, another common disease that kills cats is diarrhea. Diarrhea may be caused by various reasons: changing the environment, changing cat food, catching a cold, eating something wrong, etc. Therefore, please try to avoid these things on the kitten caused too much impact. Please don’t take the kitten to travel or change the environment frequently. If you have to change the cat food, please don’t change it all at once. Please change it a little bit. Please don’t give the kitten a mess. Kitten’s health needs long and careful care from the owner. Please don’t be stingy with your precious time. Since you have decided to have a cat, keep it well. Please spare some time to study the knowledge of raising cats.

       Xiaobian said so much, do not know that there are Muppets at home cat friends are clear? Keeping a cat is not just to give it good food and drink, but to live well. You should pay more attention to health and diseases, so that your cat can be healthy.

The classification of Muppet cat, is it easy to keep

       There are many kinds of puppet cats, which are also very good-looking, and have won the favor of many girls. This issue of cat encyclopedia will introduce you to the knowledge of Muppet cat breeds and cat breeding

       According to the pattern, the distribution of key color blocks is introduced

       The whole face (including chin and ears), limbs, fur, tail

       Detailed features: the color of the face and tail is darker, and the color of the trunk gradually becomes lighter from the sole of the foot upward. The coat is heavily colored, the chest and belly are white, and the eyes are mostly dark blue (some light blue).

       The key color puppet has the classic Siamese cat pattern. The color spots and soles of the feet have the key colors. The eyes are very bright and prominent because of the distribution of the fur color, which is as blue as the sea water.

       Because of its dark face and limbs, the key color puppet is often called “coal digger”. Note: for the convenience of readers, the following “face” refers to the part from the ear to the chin, and the “color dot” refers to the color block around the nose (excluding the ear and chin).

       Face = ear + dish + chin.

       Glove color block distribution: face except chin, ears, forelimbs except front toe, fur, tail detailed features: face plate, ears and tail of key colors, white chin, chest belly, front toe (only toes) and most hind legs, coat and tail are colored. Puppet cats seem to have just jumped into a cream bowl and ate a little. They have fluffy white ones Chin, white gloves (forefingers) and white boots (hind legs) are the same. Like the key color puppet cat, the glove color puppet cat’s face, ears, fur and tail are colored, and the chest and abdomen are white.

       On the contrary, the lower jaw, front paw and hind legs of glove color are white, and the color intensity of fur is lighter than that of key color. Note: there is no statement of two-color gloves or two-color gloves, such puppets are all double-color gloves with color patches on their legs or too big meteor spots. Please do not believe it!

       Two color patch: a figure eight mask with eyes upward, ears, fur and tail. Detailed features: it has a basic symmetry and spreads upward from both eyes. The limbs, chest, abdomen and inverted V-shaped part of the face of the two-color puppet are white, and there may be one or two white stripes on the back.

       Only their tails, ears and parts above the v-stripes show a darker color. The two-color cloth idol is a cat that jumps into the cream pool. When it lowers its head and steals, it leaves a lovely proof. At present, puppet cat is popular, and the two-color is just the peak. It is one of the most popular and the most popular species. Note: the official name of the two-color puppet is point white. Bicolor is just a common name and is not used for official purposes (such as certificate, pedigree, etc.).

       Sanskrit color block distribution: ears, upper face, tail, back parts (or not). Detailed features: ear color block is particularly prominent, blue eyes (dark blue less), below the ear above the eyes with gradual color block. There are very few color patches on the back, and the color is lighter than the ears, and most of them are at the top of the back (which is different from high white and medium high white).

       The maroon cat looks as if it is sinking to the bottom of the cream pool. Only the upper part of the face, ears and tail, and very few areas on the back may be darker. Compared with other puppets, Sanshi has shorter hair and almond shaped eyes. Strictly speaking, Sanskrit is a kind of two-color, but the mask is higher than the two-color, and the color block on the back is less. In the blood color of CFA Muppet cat, point white van is used to call Sanskrit puppet, and we usually call it van for short.

       Note: there are very few fanse Muppets, and their bloodlines are unstable. It is easy to cross breed and lead to impure blood. Therefore, it is easy to be used by cat dealers. Please pay more attention when purchasing.

       Disqualification: eye color is not blue. There are white stripes in the key color; there is no white chin in the glove color cat; there are color patches in the white mask (including Chin) of the two-color cat.

       By color

       1. Seal — genotype (bbdd, bbdd, bbdd, bbdd)

       2. Blue — genotype (bbdd, bbdd)

       3. Chocolate — genotype (bbdd, bbdd)

       4. Lilac genotype (bbdd)

       5. Flame / Red — carrying orange gene (on X chromosome)

       6. Cream — carrying the orange gene (on the X chromosome)

       7. Smoke — this kind of color has appeared on the color list of CFA puppet cats, but it is not explained here because of the complexity of genes. (b-black black gene, d-dilutes dilution gene; capital dominant gene, small recessive gene.) Divide Bobcats by stripes

       As the name suggests, it has a bobcat like striped tiger spot, elegant and beautiful, appearing on the face. It’s a striped accessory. Hawksbill, also known as tortoise shell, has an asymmetric mask (only for two colors) or three color pattern, which is a very cute facial feature.

       It belongs to color block type with attached pattern. The tortoiseshell of Bobcat has both the pattern of bobcat and hawksbill.

       Common features:

       1. More or less focus on the back of the color block;

       2. Key color ears;

       3. White chest and abdomen;

       4. Blue eyes.

       Unqualified features: white stripes in key colors; no white chin or too high white for glove type cats;

       The white mask of the two-color cat has dark stripes or color blocks on the legs; Sanskrit color is mainly used in large areas; the chest and abdomen are not white; the eye color is not blue.

How to distinguish Berman cat from puppet cat

       Berman cat in Myanmar, also known as Myanmar holy cat. Puppet cat is produced in the United States, also known as the Braddock cat. Berman cat was first raised by monks in ancient Burmese temples and regarded as the patron saint cat. Muppets are the largest and heaviest of all cats. They were bred by amber, a California woman. There are similarities between the two, but there are also ways to distinguish. Berman cat was introduced into Europe in the 18th century, and gradually evolved into a fixed shape. This kind of pet cat is longer than that of typical Persian cat, and its coat is mainly light golden yellow. Berman has a narrow face and contrasts the colors of its face, ears, head and tail. Berman cat’s eyes are unique sapphire eyes. Its limbs and soles are like wearing white gloves. Its life experience is still unknown, which makes Berman cat exude a unique secret temperament. The whole body of puppet cat is particularly soft and loose. Its head is V-shaped, its eyes are round and big, and their eyes are bright and clear. It has a large body, thick limbs, a long tail and a very thick coat of hair on its body. Their coat colors are mostly tricolor or bicolor. The character of puppet cat is as soft and sweet as its body. Its gentle and quiet character is deeply loved by people. At the same time, the puppet cat has a very strong tolerance, the pain tolerance is very strong. Therefore, this kind of pet cat can get along well with children. Berman cat and Muppet cat have different origin, their appearance, personality, living habits and attitudes towards human beings are also different. But there is no denying that they are very popular pet cats, deeply loved and appreciated by people. It is not difficult to distinguish between the two cats. First of all, understand the similarities and differences between the two kinds of cats, body parts, hair color, body size and so on to strictly distinguish and contrast, master their own characteristics. Then according to the difference between the two appearance, personality to distinguish

Why are puppet cats so expensive?

       Muppet cat is a noble among cats. Although it is a big man, it has a gentle character and soft hair. It is not only popular, but also attracts many cat slaves. However, the appearance problem of puppet cat puzzles us: the price of puppet cat is so expensive, what should we do in case the product of puppet cat is not good? Therefore, we suggest that before buying Muppet cats, we should know more about the products of puppet cats, ask more about the prices of some puppet cats, and try to buy the best puppet cats at the most reasonable price.

       1¡¢ Judging the appearance of puppet cat

       Puppet cats have blue eyes, strong body and fluffy fur. They like to be close to people. However, puppet cats mature slowly. They usually do not fully mature in weight and size until they are four years old. The colors on their bodies gradually deepen with age, and the qualitative analysis is not completed until two years old. As for the appearance of a cat, we can judge it from three aspects: head, body and fur color. Let’s talk about what kind of appearance is the best.

       1. Head: the head of the puppet cat has a broad modified wedge to form a slightly rounded outline, a slightly rounded forehead, a plane between the ears, and a medium-sized skull. On the side of the head, the forehead curve is soft, and the last segment of the nose is straight. The chin is well developed and strong, forming a straight line with the upper lip and nose. The ears are medium-sized, elongated by a modified wedge, with a wide base, slightly sloping forward, and rounded tips. The eye is blue, oval in shape and moderately wide. The line between the pupil extension and the inner edge of the ear root is a vertical line.

       2. Body: the trunk is medium to large, the whole chest outline is long and wide, the hip is slightly higher than the shoulder, the shoulder blade is broad and not protruding, the fat in the lower abdomen is acceptable, the fat in the buttocks and hind legs will be more, the bone is heavy and strong, the bone is dense, the length is medium, and the proportion with the body is balanced, the hind limb is slightly higher than the forelimb, the foot is big and round, the tail is long, and the length is equivalent to that from the shoulder blade to the back leg The length of the hips.

       3. Coat color: the hair is the longest at the neck and the edge of the face, forming a neck like appearance. The hair on the face is short. The length of the hair is gradually increased from the top of the head through the shoulder blade to the back. The hair on both sides and abdomen is medium long hair. The hair on the front legs is thick and short, and the hair on the hind legs is medium long. The thick, feathery and cluster feather like hair on the claws is the best. The wool is silky.

       2¡¢ Puppet cat products determine the price

       We all know that the price of puppet cat is expensive, but we often see that someone publishes several thousand yuan dolls on the Internet, and the appearance is super good. This situation is usually stolen by cat dealers, so don’t believe it easily. The price of the same pure blood Muppet cat varies greatly due to the different products. The gene of Muppet cat is very unstable, especially the two-color puppet cat with symmetrical reproduction is very rare. Therefore, a stuffed two-color puppet cat is more expensive than the key color puppet. We don’t have to say much about the price of match grade Muppets. This is not suitable for keeping pets at home. If you like Muppets, you can buy some pet grade ones, and the price will be much more reasonable.

       Although the pet business is not good, it is very real. Some puppet cat products are good, and the price is around 10000 yuan. It is easy to achieve. Some puppet cat products are slightly worse than others. It can be said that this is not cheap cat. If some puppet cat products are particularly excellent, tens of thousands of yuan are also available.

What are the feeding requirements for puppet cats

       For Muppet kittens, breast milk is of course the best source of food, but if for some reason (such as the mother cat can’t feed milk, milk is insufficient, etc.), the owner should try to find a substitute. On the market, there are milk powder specially produced for cats. Owners can buy this milk powder to brew and feed the kittens. When the cat is old enough to wean, give it gradually.

       Cat food is divided into cat food and baby cat food. The owner can buy corresponding products for the cat according to the age of the puppet cat. Many owners worry that cat food alone can’t make them get enough nutrition. This idea is wrong. In fact, if you only feed the cat food, they will not suffer from malnutrition, because the nutrition of cat food can fully meet the needs of the cat, and the owner can rest assured to feed the cat. If you think it’s too tasteless to eat only cat food, you can also prepare some snacks for your cat, but the supply of snacks must be well controlled, otherwise the cat will be picky. Moreover, if the cat eats too many snacks, it is easy to become “fat cat”, which will lead to urinary system diseases, hyperglycemia and so on.

       For the owner of homemade food for the cat, you must know what kind of nutrition the cat needs. The supplement of nutritional elements must be in place. In particular, the lack of some trace elements in the short term is unable to see what abnormal cat, however, when the cat has obvious symptoms, some of the body damage can not be recovered, which is very harmful to the cat. In addition, how to add seasoning has always been a problem that many cat friends can’t master. If you are not sure how to add seasoning, you might as well consult a veterinarian or relevant experts. Do not use your own feelings to flavor homemade cat food.

       In the choice of food materials, the host should also pay attention to. For example, animal liver has always been the focus of debate between cat friends and experts. Some people do not recommend feeding cats, while others say that the liver has a high nutritional content. As long as proper feeding is conducted, it will not bring danger to cats. For such controversial ingredients, the host must be careful when choosing.

       Diet taboo of puppet cat

       Onion, milk, chocolate, some fruits (such as grapes and raisins, cherries, persimmons, etc.), stimulant food (such as pepper), and food with high salt content (such as salted fish) are absolutely not allowed to be eaten by the puppet cat. Once the cat is fed with these foods, any situation may happen. The owner should confirm this before feeding any food to the cat Whether food can have a bad effect on cats.

What should I pay attention to when I go to buy a Muppet

       If you want to buy purebred Muppet cats, how can you make sure that you sell purebred Muppets when you go to a Muppet house? Even if the Muppet cats in the cat house drink Muppets in terms of appearance, personality, temperament and other aspects, as long as they do not hold the real blood certificate issued by foreign or International Cat Association, technically speaking, cats without blood certificate can not be recognized as pure blood cats. Therefore, the owners should not blindly follow suit and buy Muppets as popular as ever. If you really want to buy pure bloodline puppet cat, please be sure to ask the cat house to provide relevant documents.

What are the color classifications of puppet cats

       Muppet cat has strong skeleton, and is covered with fluffy beautiful back hair. Its limbs are strong and powerful. Its tail is as fluffy and thick as the tail of a small raccoon. It is very cute. There are many colors of puppet cat, which can be divided into three major color systems, one is red, the other is blue, and the third is the special turtle back color. The following is a detailed introduction.

       1. The following two species belong to the red system:

       1. Cream color: very light flame color, almost white. In some cases, only the tip of nose and ear was shown.

       2. Flame color: the background color is white, and the pattern is light orange red, which is very gorgeous and beautiful like a flame.

       2. The following four species belong to the blue series

       3. Clove color: very light gray with a little warm feeling, very elegant color, also very rare.

       4. Blue: beautiful silver gray, with blue eyes, a little melancholy and elegant.

       5. Chocolate color: as the name suggests, it is chocolate. The color is between seal and blue, which is also a rare color.

       Seal: very dark brown. Is the most common color, but also people’s mind “standard Muppet cat” color.

       The most special:

       7. Turtle back color: Turtle back color is a cross between blue cat and red cat. I think it’s the most beautiful color if it’s inherited well. Cool and warm colors are rendered on the cat’s thick white fur, which is very artistic.

How to keep Muppet cat well

       Muppet cat is beautiful in appearance and gentle in character, so it is very suitable to be kept as a pet. Muppet cats are very simple to raise, but parents still need to spend some effort to raise them well.

       Before the puppet cat enters the home, parents should prepare comfortable and spacious cat nest, cat scratch board, cat climbing frame and other necessary auxiliary equipment. In addition, cat food basin, drinking basin, cat litter, Cat Toilet and so on also need to be properly prepared. Let puppet cat in the door can feel warm and comfortable, so that it can be familiar with the new living environment as soon as possible, into the normal life.

       Muppets are actually very sweet cats. They don’t like to be lonely and eager to interact with their owners. Therefore, in the process of feeding, the owner should often extract a certain amount of time to accompany the cat to interact and communicate with each other, so as to close the relationship.

       Puppet cat is a breed of long hair cat, so the daily care is also essential. Daily grooming, brushing teeth 3-4 times a week, trimming nails once every 3-4 weeks, regular bathing, cleaning the living environment, and doing a good job in sterilization and disinfection are the basic work of daily nursing.

       In addition, in the process of feeding, parents also need to pay attention to: timely vaccination of cats, in vivo and in vitro drive, when going out, need to pull the traction rope to prevent the cat from missing. In life, in order to make the Muppet cat get along with the family more harmoniously, it is necessary for parents to train the cat, so that it can develop good living habits and become more clever and sensible.