How to distinguish pure breed Scotch fold eared cat

       We often hear the concept of “pure breed Scotch fold eared cat” among cat dealers, and the price of pure breed is much higher than that of impure one. So what are the characteristics of purebred Scotch fold eared cats and what should we think of the standard of purebred. In order to let more parents not be cheated by vendors, the following is to popularize some relevant knowledge for reference. 1. The folded ears of Scotch cat can not be displayed until it is 2 months old. And there are two kinds of cat with folded ears. One is the one with the ears folded, and the other is the ones with vertical ears. Folding ear cat is a variety of cat breeds with gene mutation in the ear. 2. The standard of Scotch fold eared cat: medium-sized and round. Touching its body, the bones are strong and the muscles are compact; the head is round, the forehead is bulging, the whole cheek is round, the ears are folded in advance, the distance between the two ears is relatively large, the ear tip is curved; the nose is wide and short; the eyes are big and round, the eyes are clear and bright, the muzzle and jaw are very strong, the occlusion is normal; the neck is not too long, but the muscles are strong. The fur color of purebred Scotch fold eared cats is recognized except chocolate, lavender, Himalayan cat fur spots or combinations of the above. His personality is approachable, gentle and intelligent.