Living environment arrangement of Fuzhou white rabbit

       One of the most important problems in the breeding of Fuzhou white rabbits is the layout of the environment, which is related to the health of the rabbits, such as how to set up the rabbit cage and how to choose the eating basin. Here are some suggestions on the environmental layout.

       1. Selection of cage for Fuzhou white rabbit

       We must be big and comfortable. We can’t let the big white rabbit escape! There are a lot of cat and dog cages in the market, which are not easy to use. The gap is too big. The little Florida rabbit always escapes. At the bottom of the gap is also big, small Florida big white rabbit always fall down. Feet easily stained with urine! It’s too shallow for the chassis. It’s too shallow to put on the cage! So it is suggested to have a professional rabbit cage! Cage has wooden floor, iron floor, according to your choice! Wood of Fuzhou big white rabbit live comfortable, iron good cleaning!

       2. Fuzhou white rabbit eating Basin

       The basin is anti overturning and fixed. The anti overturning one is lux with beautiful stripes on it! Fixed is ab. This 2 is the customer friend to like, the purchase rate is also the highest!

       3. Fozhou white rabbit grass rack

       There’s a straw rack. Grass can be left a lot, not two costs! AB’s and petlink’s am070 are built-in! There are plug-in, petlink am051 are better!

       4. Fuzhou white rabbit kettle


       5. Tooth grinding products for Fuzhou white rabbit

       Do not use the big white rabbit tooth is too long to affect eating, there will be mouth inflammation!