What kind of rabbit has better character and is suitable for breeding

       It’s really hard to say what kind of rabbit is the most suitable pet because of its good character and good temper.

       The temperament and character of rabbits have nothing to do with the breed

       Rabbit’s character is really different from rabbit, its difference is very big, really can’t be classified and divided by breed. Any variety, you will hear parents talk about a variety of different personalities.

       More reflection of rabbit’s character is better

       Our common panda rabbit, white rabbit, gray or black or yellow rabbit all belong to this category.

       Maybe this suggestion will disappoint many friends who are going to buy beautiful rabbit with drooping ears, but this is the summary of many rabbit friends who have learned from raising rabbits. Rabbit friends generally reflect that rabbits are actually very smart, closer to people, and gentle in character. They love to be clean as pet rabbits.

       The male rabbit has a better temper than the female

       It is also a common reflection that the female rabbit has a relatively big temper, while the male rabbit is relatively good tempered.

       But that’s not 100% of the time. As I said above, rabbits are really different in character.

       Buy a rabbit to see fate

       I am not suggesting that you must buy rabbits or male rabbits. Buy a rabbit you like and satisfy one of your wishes. Or when choosing a rabbit, let fate make a decision, which one you like at a glance. Don’t be too rigidly bound to the rabbit species, to know that there is basically no purebred rabbit in China.