What is rabbit afraid of

       In everyone’s impression, the rabbit is timid, a little bit of wind and grass may make the rabbits scared. However, many people found that the rabbit’s “fear point” is very strange, outside clearly firecrackers, gongs and drums blaring, but they are completely indifferent; and sometimes their books accidentally fall to the ground, they are scared to leave the ground. So what are rabbits afraid of?

       1¡¢ Not every rabbit is afraid of the same stimulus

       Just as some people are not afraid of the night, while others are afraid of it, different rabbits are afraid of different things. In addition, they should carefully observe what they are afraid of at home. Most rabbits will be afraid of the following stimulation, owners may as well do a reference.

       2¡¢ A huge noise

       The sudden loud noise usually makes the rabbit run away, which is also a manifestation of self-protection. As for the situation mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is likely that rabbits have become “socialized” and are completely accustomed to the sounds outside the house (such as the sound of firecrackers and car horns). And the noise that doesn’t often appear in the house may be a sign of danger to them, so they will immediately let themselves go to the place they think is relatively safe.

       3¡¢ People or other animals

       Many rabbits don’t like strangers to be too close to themselves. If you tease them all the time, they may bite. In addition, rabbits may be afraid of strange dogs and cats for the first time. Especially when dogs or cats yell at rabbits, they are more likely to find a place to hide. In this case, the owner should take the dog or cat away, until the rabbit calms down.

       4¡¢ Water

       Like cats and dogs, most rabbits don’t like to get wet. If the rabbits are drenched with water, the owner should help them dry immediately to prevent catching cold. It should be noted that many people think that rabbits can’t drink water at all. This is actually a misunderstanding in raising rabbits. Rabbits can’t eat vegetables with water, but they can drink cold boiled water or pure water. At the same time, the host should wash the basin every day and change the water in time.