Cat plague is terrible. Can it be transmitted to people?

       Cat plague is terrible for many owners of cats. Xiaobian has also seen cats who have been infected with cat plague and failed to rescue them. But will the terrible cat plague infect human beings?

       In fact, our common zoonoses are rabies, anthrax, brucellosis, tularellosis, Salmonella, Toxoplasma, Japanese encephalitis and avian influenza. As for cat plague, it’s not zoonotic, so it’s not contagious.

       Cats have strong endurance and are not easily detected by their owners in the early stage of infection. But cats also show some abnormal behavior. For example, fever, mental depression, sudden high fever, stubborn vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration and so on. If you take your cat to a pet hospital for examination, you will find a sharp decrease in white blood cells, far below the normal level.

       Although feline plague does not infect people, it can easily infect other healthy cats, and the damage caused by it is very clear. Therefore, cats suffering from cat plague should be isolated in the first time, and then treated.

       For our responsible parents, it is necessary to pay attention to the cat when finding these abnormal conditions. It is better to go to the cat for examination, just in case. No feline plague is to be congratulated, and other diseases should be treated in time. If the examination of cat plague, then the first isolation for treatment, which is very necessary.

       Here I wish all cats healthy, happy and safe.

Can be bitten by cat also infect rabies?

       Although the cat is very quiet and docile, once irritated the cat, it will use its sharp teeth and nails to attack you. Once you get hurt by a cat, you will inevitably bleed. The problem is that in many people’s minds, only being bitten by a dog can cause rabies. So can be bitten by cat rabies? Dogs, cats and mice belong to a chain of up and down transmission. If the sick rabies bites the cat and the bitten cat bites the mouse, the rabies virus will spread among the three animals. Once the cat or mouse infected with rabies attacks human beings, even if there is only a slight scratch, people can be infected with rabies. If someone is bitten or scratched by a cat, three emergency measures should be taken immediately: Step 1: rinse the wound. Immediately wash the wound with flowing water, wash away the virus as much as possible, and squeeze the blood out. If possible, it is best to rinse with 20% soapy water for 20-30 minutes. Then disinfect with iodine wine, then wash out the iodine wine with alcohol, and repeat for 3 times. Step 2: go to the local epidemic prevention department for vaccination immediately. Never delay for a few days. The incubation period of rabies is short about 10 days, and the long incubation period may take several years. Step 3: if the wound is bitten seriously, be sure to inject antiviral serum and use it together with the vaccine. Antiviral serum must be tested under the guidance of doctors.