Brief introduction to the breed of ragged cat

       Ragamuffin is a large, robust and docile cat. Origin: the United States, hair is short hair, growth period as long as four to five years, first appeared in 1994. The average size of female cat is 4.5-6.8kg, and that of male cat is 6.8-12.7kg. This cat is an extended breed of puppet. It has the color of coat and strong body. So far, no genetic diseases and genetic defects have been found.

       Ragged cat has all coat colors and styles, with pertinence and pertinence to register by CFA, but does not show the white color. These are eye-catching cat colors that are blue, brown, plain with white, tortoise shell or mink. The composure and patience of ragged cats make their owners particularly pampered, and young people and they may easily be found attending tea parties or taking a seat in a pram. As long as they are noticed and interested, their easygoing personality enables them to adapt to almost any environment or situation.

       When you read a book or watch TV, the ragged cat may tend to accompany you quietly and cleverly at your knees or legs. However, these are not lazy cats. Please take out their toys and play with it, and you will find that they are ready at any time. The exact development and early history of ragged cat farming are covered. The full story will always remain mysterious. The ragged cat was accepted into the hybrid CFA in February 2003.

       The ragged cat has a sweet personality, which is very similar to a cute dog. It will follow the owner from room to room. It is your faithful partner. Its wonderful personality is extremely suitable for being a family pet. The ragged cat is not only very clingy to its owner, but also quite adaptable to the environment. It is not afraid of unfamiliar environment and full of curiosity about things. The ragged cat is gentle and friendly to the same kind and children. It is suitable to be a family companion pet.