How to raise a red tiger with exotic short hair

       Red tiger spot exotic short haired cat is the original Garfield cat, belonging to a branch of Persian cat, originated in the United States. Around 1960, American breeders crossed American short haired cats with Persian cats in order to improve the color of American cats’ fur and increase their weight, thus giving birth to exotic short haired cats nicknamed Garfield.

       The red tiger spot exotic short hair cat is specially bred for those who like Persian cats but are too lazy to take care of their long hair. This kind of furry and energetic cat is very common in the United States and gradually popular in Europe. Red tiger spotted exotic short haired cats are easy to get along with and quiet, but don’t like to be lonely, so it is relatively simple to raise.

       The red tiger spotted exotic short haired cat was recognized as a new breed by CFA in 1966, while Fife recognized it in 1986. In daily life, they are very clean, will often lick their hair, clean and tidy the body. So parents don’t have to comb their hair every day, but they should at least comb their hair once a week to clean the dust and dirt on the short haired cat’s body to ensure its health.

       Red tiger spot exotic short hair cats are lovely and beautiful in shape, and their lacrimal glands are very developed. Parents need to clean them in time in life. Generally speaking, it is best to clean the cat once a day. In order to prevent the cat’s eyes from being infected with foreign bodies or inflammation, parents can choose some suitable eye drops and drop them regularly to protect their eyes.