There are two cats at home. What about fighting?

       Two cats live together, it is very happy to get along with each other. Once they fight, it is not only the problem of injury, but also the life of the owner. In the face of such a dilemma, what would you do?? We usually use the dimensional model of human thinking to solve problems, but the fact is often the opposite. Our thinking and learning have long been assimilated by our parents and society, so we often use that model to treat cats, but we don’t know how wrong this thinking is in the cat world!

       First of all, from the concept, two cats are not compatible, how to make them “together”? Not every day in the same cage to force them to get along with each other, or let them use a litter basin together, or share a bowl and basin This will only make them more pressure on each other, so they will not be good friends.

       On the contrary, we should have the concept of how to make cats feel good when they meet? Cats love freedom, but they need food and hunting behavior, so we’ll start here.

       Step 1

       Let the cat have a desire for food first, so you can’t eat it casually. It must be fixed time (fixed time is not fixed time), and the total amount of food should be reduced by at least 20-30%, so that it can have a higher desire for food. The remaining 20-30% will be made up through snacks.

       Step 2

       Let the two cats avoid meeting each other first. You need to set a range of activities at home. There must be a fence between the two cats to prevent their interaction, fighting, etc. You have to adjust according to your home environment.

       Step 3

       The way to feed each meal is to let the two cats see each other, but not to cause the distance of fighting. Put the food of two cats here, put down the food at the same time, and take away the food and night at the same time, so that the cat can see each other and smell the other’s presence when eating Cats associate each other with food.

       Step 4

       Gradually shorten the feeding distance between the two cats. Do not move too much each time. Five centimeters is enough. Each time you move, you need to feed at that place for many days. Until you confirm that there is no pressure on the two cats when eating, you can shorten the distance by five centimeters.

       Step 5

       If the cat is not willing to eat after moving, or when there is any restlessness, restlessness, huff, roar, or even attack, it means that you are too anxious. Please return to the place where there is no problem before for training.

       Step 6

       Shorten the distance until the two cats can quickly meet each other and eat their own food in peace.

       In the process of operating these, when you are alone with one of the cats, learn to ignore the existence of cats. Only when two cats meet, will you be better at the two cats and pay more attention to them. So . prepare snacks for two cats. When the two cats are close to the fence, sprinkle their favorite snacks on both sides. This will make the cat have the desire to “expect to see each other”, because when the other person does not exist, you do not interact with it, and there is no snack. But when the other person appears, she will get your attention and eat delicious snacks.

       The next step is observation. When you observe that the interaction between the two cats is stable, you can open the fence and let the two cats touch. Remember, at this time, you still need to maintain the previous practice, do not pay any special attention to any one of the cats alone or give food. Only when two cats appear together at the same time, you will interact with two cats at the same time. This interaction includes giving snacks and playing games.

       Play games, find out the favorite game of two cats, usually I prefer to use fishing rod, nylon line must not use fishing line, it is easy to cause cat injury, the other end of the line is tied with feathers, you can drag feathers, shake, bounce . wait, let the cat chase and play, which will drain their extra energy.

       This way of operation is to make the cat unconsciously expect to meet and get along with another cat. Naturally, there would be no fighting.

       If you look back at the way you operate before, will it only make cats hate each other more and more?