Introduction of breeding knowledge of jinjila cat

       Do you think ginger is a little similar to Persian cats? In fact, jinjila is a new breed bred on the basis of Persian cat, that is to say, jinjila cat is a complete “artificial cat”. The following cat breeding column will introduce the breeding knowledge of jinjila cat in detail:

       1¡¢ Inheritance of coat color in jinjila cat

       As a breed with stable genetic law, it is natural to associate the coat color of the offspring according to the coat color of the parents. For example, if the golden jinjila and the golden jinjila mate, the offspring must be golden jinjila. If the golden jinjila and the golden jinjila mate, the offspring will have half of the color. However, if two silver jinjila mate, most of the offspring will be silver.

       2¡¢ Pregnancy cycle of jinjila cat

       Like all breeds of cats, jinjila’s normal pregnancy cycle is about 63 days. According to the specific mating date, the owner can calculate the birth date of the cat, and make all preparations before the birth date.

       3¡¢ Nutritional requirements of jinjila cat during pregnancy

       In the early pregnancy of jinjila cat, the owner does not need to give special diet management, but the owner should limit the jinjila cat’s large range of exercise and running. With the extension of the cat’s pregnancy, the baby cat gradually grows up, and the diet of jinjila cat will gradually increase. The owner should prepare enough, nutritious and easily digestible food for jinjila cat in the middle and later period of pregnancy, and can supplement calcium appropriately, calculate the birth date, and gradually strengthen the nutrition with the approach of the birth period.