Teach you how to choose chinchilla

       Chinchilla is a new type of pet, and its breeding rate is not very high in China. Therefore, many people don’t know much about chinchilla, especially novices. So if you plan to raise a chinchilla, you should first choose the way to buy it. It is suggested to go to the pet store or make a face-to-face transaction with the private transferor. It is not advisable to buy in different places according to the pictures, so as to avoid being cheated. Now let’s tell you some of the selected points.

       Longmao is similar to the traditional Chinese medicine’s “look, smell, ask, and touch”

       The view here is to see the appearance. The body is symmetrical and the limbs are favorable. The hair is neat and without defect. Pay special attention to it. If there are pieces of hair falling off (or half cut), never buy it. The eyes should be bright and clear without eye dirt, and the eyes should be black and bright without attachments. The nose is clean without secretions. The incisors should be neat, yellow or beige. Stool should be long oval, relatively hard, flat appearance, dark brown color, no obvious odor. There was no contamination on the hair outside the anus.

       Smell: breath should be gentle, no obvious wheezing phenomenon.

       Q: we should carefully ask what kind of food the seller used to give (especially snacks). Chinchilla, who often gives snacks, is not recommended to buy, and is prone to picky eating and digestive system diseases.

       Qie: caressing a chinchilla with your hand can have several performances. One is to let someone touch it. This kind of chinchilla is easy to get close to; the other is to run away in panic, which means that he is nervous and timid to strangers and does not affect the purchase; the third is to shout and stand upright and face people even to spray urine, which is not recommended to buy and has a bad temper.

       In addition, attention should be paid to the selection of age and gender.

       Age: the suitable breeding age is 3-6 months. It is not recommended to buy chinchilla under 2 months old. It is easy to have health problems and high mortality rate if you leave the cat prematurely.

       Gender: relatively speaking, males have better temperaments than females, and females are more likely to be nervous and irritable during the breeding season. If you don’t plan to breed, you’d better buy male chinchilla. Buy a pair of chinchillas. If the female does not reach the age of 8 months, it is necessary to raise them in separate cages. Premature pregnancy may lead to dystocia.