Poor support? Rich? How much does it cost to keep a cat?

       However, the cost of buying a few thousand stray cats is almost zero. Keeping a cat is a kind of fun. No matter pure cat or stray cat, it is a very lovely life. The owner’s love will not change because of the cost of buying a cat. But in the future, we can see that the cost of raising a cat is quite a lot!

       1¡¢ Necessary expenses for keeping a cat

       1. Pet purchase cost: the purchase price of cats can vary greatly according to the varieties. For stray cats sent by friends, adopted on the Internet, or adopted in the community or on the road, the purchase fee for pet is zero, while that for more expensive purebred cats such as Garfield and Persian cats ranges from 1000 yuan to 10000 yuan.

       2. Cat food: cat food is the same as dog food. The price of cat food can vary greatly with different brands and grades. Generally speaking, domestic ordinary brand cat food, a cat a month to spend about 50 yuan. As for brand cat food, or some imported top cat food, it will cost 100-200 yuan a month or more.

       3. Litter: unlike dogs who like to defecate in the wild, cat poop needs special litter, which is also the biggest long-term expenditure in addition to cat food. The cost of a month’s cat litter can range from 30 to 50 yuan, or more than a few hundred yuan.

       4. Vaccine: cats need to be vaccinated twice after birth, which is similar to that of dogs. The price of triple vaccine varies from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan depending on local conditions and brands.

       5. Operation: in order to ensure safety, healthy domestic cats should be castrated (male) or sterilized (female). Generally speaking, castration of male cats costs 100-200 yuan, while sterilization of female cats costs 300-500 yuan. If the cost of preoperative examination and anesthesia is added, it is normal to charge more than 1000 yuan for a female cat sterilization operation.

       2¡¢ Selective spending on cats

       1. Clothing: different from dogs, cats don’t like to take a bath, don’t like to shape themselves, and they don’t need to wear clothes, so the expenses in this respect are relatively small.

       2. Cat’s Nest / cat rack: poor cats can directly pad some old clothes and quilts into cardboard boxes to make a cat’s nest, while rich cats can have many choices, and the price ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan.

       3. Take a bath: you can wash your own hands at home, or ask the pet store to bathe the cat. The cost of pet shop is generally 40 ~ 60 yuan per time.

       4. Small toys: such as cat Teaser sticks, which are consumables, need to be replaced in 2-3 months, and the price is 5-10 yuan per piece.

       5. Snacks: including Miao Xian Bao, chicken breast and other canned food. If the poor raise, this part of the cost can be zero, the rich can be hundreds of yuan.

       6. See a doctor: most cats will inevitably go to the hospital several times in their life. The cost of each visit is 200 yuan at least and thousands yuan more.

       3¡¢ The difference between poor and rich

       If you ask a cat owner how much money the cat will spend in a month, the answer must be different, and it will be very different. Some cats only need dozens of yuan a month, while others need hundreds or even thousands of yuan. From the choice of cat food, we can see that the price of some natural food is several times that of commodity food, and some excellent products are good Fresh bags are also very expensive expenses. In addition to the toys and supplies purchased for cats, the price difference is also very big. For example, for a bottle of bath liquid with the same ml, some only cost more than ten yuan, while some need thousands. If you want to know the difference between poor and rich, you can only say that rich cats will become more beautiful and more beautiful because of the excellent breeding conditions Add health, this can not be seen overnight, a year or a few years later, this will have a very obvious difference.

       We don’t object to rich raising, and we don’t suggest raising poor. For cats, it’s actually a pleasure. It’s like raising children. If the conditions are good, then try to provide a relatively good environment for cats. But if you are a student, a fresh graduate, and an unstable Beipiao, don’t let raising a cat become your burden. Poor raising is the most important thing The right way.