Why do rabbits and rabbits dance

       Rabbits and rabbits jump up on the ground, shake their ears in the air, throw their heads, twist their waist, fall, and jump and jump at a high speed. These movements are repeated many times. This is rabbit dance, as the name implies. Since it is named “Rabbit Dance”, it should be a unique dance of rabbits and rabbits.

       What does Rabbit Dance stand for?

       Rabbit can dance rabbit dance, which means that he is very happy at the moment, and his excitement is beyond words ^ ^ he can dance in such a good mood, of course, his body is also very comfortable, that is to say, rabbit dance means that he is happy and healthy ^ ^ he has heard that rabbit dance after his illness, which shows that he knows that he is well and comfortable, and he is also very excited and drum Dance^^

       Don’t take rabbit dancing as a yardstick

       Rabbit dance is very cute. I once heard that there was a baby rabbit who was rescued and raised in the office. Baby rabbit danced the rabbit dance, which attracted the love of the rescuers. She found a new mother for herself with her dance. Not every rabbit and rabbit can dance. Qiaoqiao and Huibao can’t dance among my rabbits and rabbits, but they are also very happy, especially Hui. Their personality is very lively. Among my rabbits and rabbits, panda rabbit Tu Tu is the best rabbit dance. It seems that little king also dances, but he can’t dance very well. The rabbit that can’t dance is not lively, unhappy and unhealthy! Of course, it doesn’t mean it’s not cute^^