What to do with Siamese cats barking all the time

       Siamese, native to Thailand, is a very precious short haired cat, which is very popular nowadays. In the process of raising Siamese cats, it is inevitable that there are many headache problems for us. For example, Siamese cats bark all the time, which not only affects family life, but also may be complained by neighbors. So, what should we do with Siamese cats barking all the time?

       1. The call of Siamese cat in estrus is inevitable. This is a long physiological reaction of cats. Under normal circumstances, cats will have estrus twice a year, and appear in spring and autumn. The cat will “spring” when it is in estrus, and it also barks fiercely at night. There is no way to avoid this normal physiological reaction, and it should not be forced to stop. Whenever at this time, parents should be more tolerant to the cat, about the cat spring should also be patient with patience. Because, when the cat’s oestrus is over, the behavior of barking will gradually disappear.

       2. If the Siamese cat is not yelling because of the estrus, then we should find out the reason why the Siamese cat always barks. For example, carefully examine the cat’s body and touch it with both hands to see if there is any injury or fracture. Also, think about whether the cat has been frightened. To determine the cause of the cat yelling.

       3. If Siamese cats cry because of body pain, it is necessary to send them to the hospital for examination and treatment. If it is because of being frightened and yelling, then the growth of the cat need to give more comfort and encouragement. Give the cat more security, so that it can feel at ease, and do not shout casually.