Information about Maine cat

       Through its unique breeding program, the cat has developed into a strong and healthy cat, especially suitable for living in the thick winter and different seasons. The Maine cat is known for its lovely nature, docile and intelligent, especially with children and dogs. The beautiful appearance of Maine cats is often appreciated. However, it is not easy to get from an ordinary farm cat until its breed is confirmed by CFA of the United States, and it has taken a long time. Although Maine cat was once out of favor and disappeared in the cat show for a long time, this beautiful cat species is now active in cat exhibitions of all sizes. Originally a working cat, the Maine cat is strong and hardworking and can endure bad weather. What’s more, it has a smooth and thick coat. The head is of medium width, with a square mouth and high cheekbones. The chin is strong and strong, in line with the upper lip and nose. From the side, the outline of the chin is nearly square. The nose is straight and there is no broken nose. Large and hairy ears, large eyes, wide eye distance, large body, strong, chest wide, female cats are generally smaller than male cats. A long tail with long fur. The coat of Maine cat is thick and thick. The hair on the arm is short, while the hair on the abdomen and thigh is longer. The hair is silky and flows down smoothly.