How to distinguish mites, fungi, eczema, allergy, flea and treatment

       How does dog scratch hard to return a responsibility? Can you distinguish mites, fungi, eczema and other skin diseases? Knowing something about dog skin disease is good for both dog owners and dogs. The following article mainly introduces how to distinguish mites, fungi, eczema, allergy, fleas and treatment.

       What causes the simple distinction

       1. Fleas and lice can move on the body surface, inside the thigh, under the armpit, under the neck and deep in the fur, and can be seen with the naked eye (because the body temperature and body hair of human are different from those of dogs, they can not survive on human body, and can be grasped boldly). Flea and dog lice eggs are white, so if you see a dog with a circle of black dots, it is their feces.

       2. The skin on the inside of the dog’s abdomen is red or red. Dogs have ear mites and brown secretions on their ears. Sometimes they scratch their ears because of itching.

       3. Fungus: local skin of dog infected with depilation and broken hair, and the skin turns red one by one.

       4. Eczema, herpes and other suppurative dermatitis. Generally, there are blisters and pustules in the abdomen and medial thigh skin.

       5. Skin diseases caused by allergy come suddenly with large area and red skin.

       How to deal with it easily at home

       1. Disinfect the purulent and inflamed skin with hydrogen peroxide, and apply anti-inflammatory ointment, such as red enzyme ointment and sulfur ointment, but dermatitis lotion contains hormone and should be used less.

       2. If it is caused by fungi, apply clotrazole, xuanjing and dakonine ointment.

       3. If it is caused by mites, apply sulfur ointment.

       4. Fleas and lice can be washed with trichlorfon, or with Miechongning drops on the back, or washed with Chinese medicine “Baibu”, or buy dog and cat flea ring (dog and cat flea ring must be kept for one day after opening). The pet shop has freon, the effect is very good, but the price is more expensive.

       Once the skin disease is found, the pet daily utensils and bedding must be washed and exposed to the sun, and the floor should be cleaned and disinfected if necessary

How to prevent skin disease of Scotch cat with broken ears? How does broken ear cat get skin disease to do

       How does Scotch fold ear cat get skin disease to do? Here are some materials for you to learn from

       1. Before the rainy season comes, give the cat a bath and it must be dried. I use top shampoo.

       2. All the folding eared cats live in rooms facing the south. They are allowed to exercise in the yard every day to bask in the sun. The ultraviolet rays in the sun sterilize them.

       3. The cat nest and litter basin used by folding eared cats are often exposed to the sun when they have time.

       4. If there is no sunshine in rainy days, you can buy a pet lamp with UV light and hang it in the cat room to look for the lamp that has not hurt the eyes of animals.

       5. Often feed nutrition cream, increase their body vitamin, improve immunity.

       6. After birth, wash the mucus from the body with warm water, blow it into eight parts with a hair dryer, and put it back to the mother cat. This method can greatly reduce the chance of the cat getting milk moss.

       If your cat has a skin disease, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a doctor’s diagnosis. Because there are many kinds of fungi, there are also different types of ointment for different fungi. If you use the wrong ointment, it will only cause the more skin diseases.

How does Norwegian Forest Cat lose hair seriously?

       Norwegian Forest cat, as its name implies, is a kind of cat that grows in the forest. Due to the weather, Norwegian Forest cat will grow thick fur all over the body, so now the domesticated cats still keep the habit of changing their hair a lot during the season.

       If, the hair loss of Norwegian forest cats is due to skin diseases, allergies, malnutrition and other reasons. Then we should prescribe the medicine to the case. First, go to the pet hospital to cure the cat’s skin disease, strengthen the management of the cat’s life and diet, prepare nutritious and balanced food for the cat, and add more nutrients such as hygiene elements, minerals and protein to solve the feline’s hair loss.

       In addition, it is necessary to comb the hair of Norwegian Forest cat at least once a day to remove the hair that has fallen off or is unhealthy, so as to promote the healthy growth of new hair. At the same time, when combing the hair, you can massage the cat’s body properly, promote the blood circulation of the body, and strengthen the metabolism. The new hair is strong and healthy, and it is not easy to fall off.

       To solve the problem of feline hair loss, it is necessary to avoid frequent bathing. Because the surface layer of cat’s hair can secrete a layer of oil to protect the skin and hair health, if frequent bathing will easily destroy this layer of protection of the natural barrier, resulting in the cat’s fur directly exposed outside, more vulnerable to bacteria, disease damage, will also make the cat’s hair loss symptoms become serious.

       Therefore, according to the actual situation of the cat’s body, to choose the appropriate time to give the cat a bath. At the same time, the hair washing lotion and hair protecting agent used for the cat also need to be carefully selected. According to the texture and state of the cat’s hair, the appropriate care products can be selected. In order to achieve the purpose of cleaning, it can also effectively care for the health of the cat’s hair and help solve the problem of cat’s hair loss.