Healthy cats also wet their beds

       If cats don’t pee in the litter pan, they pee on your bed, which is absolutely maddening. If the cat is sick and causes disorderly urination, the owner can only cooperate with the veterinarian to treat the cat well, and this will not happen again. If a healthy cat can also wet the bed, you need to find out the real reason as soon as possible, otherwise the bed wetting incident will happen again and again.

       First of all, you can observe whether the cat is in estrus. Cats in estrus will spray urine to transmit information, especially male cats. They generally spray urine when they are in estrus, and their spray range is very wide. Furniture edge, room corner, sofa and bed may be their targets. Their purpose is only to make love to the nearby female cats.

       If your cat has been sterilized or is not in estrus at all, it is likely that they can’t stand the dirty litter basin to wet the bed. Cleaning the litter basin once a day can prevent the cat from urinating in your bed. In addition, some owners use litter basins with covers for their cats. However, not all cats can accept this kind of litter basin. Once they find it more difficult to get in and out of the litter basin than they think, they will directly ignore the existence of the litter basin.

       There are also cats who wet their beds to swear sovereignty. There are many owners who will sleep with the cat, which is nothing, but if one day a new member of the family – whether it is a cat or a dog, or even a human being – comes to the bed, the cat will leave smelly urine in order to swear sovereignty, and they will never give the new member a good look in their daily life.