What should I do if I find a stray cat? £¨3£© (follow up on adoption)

       In the first and second chapters of “what to do when you pick up stray cats”, a suggested rescue step is given: medical examination in hospital ¡ú isolation at home ¡ú bathing and taking photos for adoption ¡ú birth control (if the budget is sufficient) ¡ú sending for adoption ¡ú return visit.

       The first chapter (hospital physical examination) explains in detail why stray cats should be taken to the hospital for physical examination first, and the inspection items that may be encountered during the physical examination, aiming at the drugs and comparison of insect repellent and flea removal inside and outside the body of stray cats; the second part (isolated feeding chapter) describes in detail why stray cats should be isolated first, how to take care of baby cats, how to eat and how to bathe them, How to help the baby cat defecate, how to teach the baby cat to use litter. Today, I’d like to talk about my experience and how to help stray cats find a reliable adoptive family.

       To help kittens find adoptive families, we can put ourselves in the shoes of adopters. What would you do if you wanted to adopt a stray cat? You ask your friends around you or search for kittens online, right? ¡ª¡ª”Searching” for adoption information is the first way many adopters will think of. Therefore, to help kittens find adoption, we should first use various channels and methods, so that the adopter can successfully find the kitten you rescued.


       In Baidu search for “cat adoption”, the results, the first page of those sites, is currently in the “cat adoption” in this keyword ranking relatively high, more attention.

       You can search for keywords, find these sites, sign up, and post adoption information. Note that some websites have special requirements for the release of adoption information. For example, posts can only be posted in a certain section of the website, and the same adoption information can only be published once. You need to find out these rules of the website and post according to the requirements, so as to avoid the adoption information that you post is deleted or blocked by the administrator.

       These are Baidu included more adoption information website has advantages, but also disadvantages. The advantage is that it ranks higher in the search engine and is easier to find; the disadvantage is that too many people use it, and your adoption information is likely to be submerged in a lot of information. How to make your information in the forefront? You can try to leave more messages about your adoption information when the network traffic is relatively high. Many websites rank posts according to the last publishing time. Once your posts are left, they will be automatically ranked in front, making it easier for adopters to see them.

       2¡¢ Make full use of local forums.

       Due to the high time and transportation cost of adoption in different places, many successful adoptions take place in the same city. Therefore, it is the most easy way to make good use of the advantages of local forums and find suitable adopters in the same city.

       How to find a local forum? I still use the search engine to input the keyword “Regional Forum” or “regional community” in the search field. For example, if I want to search for more active local forums in Hangzhou, I just need to search “Hangzhou forum”. The forum with high activity and attention is on the first page.

       Of course, if you want to be more specific and find more active pet forums, just add “pet” and “cat” to the keywords, such as “Hangzhou pet forum”.

       Similarly, before posting adoption information, please read the rules of the local forum to prevent your posts from being deleted and blocked by the administrator. After the adoption information is released, I often reply to myself and put my adoption information in the front row for the adopters to see.

       3¡¢ Make the most of social networks.

       With the increase of the number of users, microblog has become an effective adoption platform. We can also see a lot of adoption information every day. According to the characteristics of microblog and microblog search, we should remind you of the following points:

       1. In the text description of Weibo, please be sure to add the words “regional cat adoption”, such as “Hangzhou cat adoption”. No matter what kind of assistance you have, or what requirements you have on the adopter, these words are the key to ensure that the adopter can see your micro blog. Don’t change these keywords into words like “baby finds a home” for novelty. Adopters can’t think of these keywords at the first time, and they won’t find your adoption information.

       2. The photos of cats must be clear, good-looking and enough in number. If necessary, beautify the cat’s picture with the repair tool or software. Although we shouldn’t judge a cat by its appearance, most people like beautiful cats. If you take a cute picture of a cat, you can get more attention. Clarity is also a very important requirement. Some adoption information only takes pictures of the cat’s moving body, not even the front face How can such pictures attract adopters?

       3. Take photos of the results of the physical examination in the hospital and attach them to the adoption microblog. Every adopter hopes that the cat he can adopt will be healthy and clean. If you have done any work for it in advance, such as deworming, fleas removing, immunization and sterilization, you must write it out, which will increase the chips for successful adoption. If you like, you can also buy cat food or milk powder for stray cats to the adopter. I believe it will be a favorite thing for adopters.

       4. There are two rules for ranking microblog search pages, one is “select” and the other is “real-time”. “Selected” microblog is a microblog with a large number of likes, comments and forwarding, which attracts high attention. However, it is difficult for ordinary people to reach this level. So you need to work on “real-time” microblog. At that time, microblogs are sorted according to the latest information. I you can attach various photos of cats to be adopted in the micro blog, send them many times in different time periods, and publish one or several photos every day, so that your adoption information will be at the top of the list.

       5. If you want your adoption information to receive more attention, you can get the top ranking of “selected” microblogs, and entrust other microbloggers to forward it for you. But we should pay attention to the following three points:

       (1) Micro blog bloggers try to choose stray animal rescue agencies and micro blog bloggers who specially publish adoption information. These bloggers usually have more fans and are more likely to forward adoption information for you. Check out whether adoption information has been frequently forwarded on other people’s microblogs before the blogger. If it is a blogger who rarely forwards adoption information, don’t consider it. Many bloggers have requirements for their microblog content. Don’t ask everyone to pay for their love just because they do good deeds.

       (2) Don’t be a bunch of bloggers in the original Weibo. This will disturb these people once every forwarding. It’s a matter of helping people themselves. It’s better to be considerate, and don’t disturb others because of your own affairs. You can select some bloggers in the comments on the original microblog. See the above page for details.

       (3) If you publish your real life experience on the micro blog, you may be able to impress more people and let them take action to help you find adoption.

       In addition to Weibo, many social applications such as Douban, wechat, social networking, QQ group can publish adoption information. You can post some information on every channel and keep it up-to-date, which is very helpful to the success of adoption.

       4¡¢ Help omnipotent Taobao.

       It’s true that someone is searching for adoption information on Taobao. I see a lot of it every day. If you have a Taobao account, you can post a link to adopt a cat after you apply to open a store, indicating the location, writing clear keywords, and putting more photos of cats to be adopted. The key word often searched on Taobao is “free adoption of pet cat”. You’d better attach these keywords to your adoption information, plus the name of your city, and you’ll be more likely to be discovered and adopted successfully.

       5¡¢ Ask your local pet hospital or rescue agency to help you find an adopter.

       Some cat friends find adopters through pet hospitals. Pet hospitals may know more people who like small animals. Maybe they can help you find a suitable adopter.

       Your local stray animal service may have application forms for potential adopters. You can also ask them to recommend suitable adopters for you.

       I believe there are other ways to help you find an adopter. We also welcome all of you to express your opinions and share your experiences. If you are careful enough and have effective methods, you can still find a suitable adopter. It’s up to people.

       6¡¢ How to review adoption qualification?

       In order to let the kitten that oneself laboriously rescues have a good home, the examination of the adopter is very important. Each rescuer has different hopes for the adopter, but in general, they are based on the following requirements:

       1. Willing to provide cats with a safe, stable, comfortable and happy life. (involving moving, joint rent, window screen, family environment, economic source, income, business trip, cat raising budget, etc.)

       2. Understand and accept the good or bad changes that cats bring to their living environment. (involving cat fur, biting, claw grinding, barking, oestrus, work of raising cats, etc.)

       3. The family understands and accepts the cat. (involving mother, partner, etc.)

       4. No matter what the situation, we should never abandon the cat. (involving moving, returning home, breaking up, divorce, marriage, pregnancy, family opposition, etc.)

       5. Scientific feeding, regular immunization, expelling insects and fleas, sterilizing at the right age, and seeking medical treatment for patients with diseases.

       Just in this abstract sense, it’s not necessarily that the adopter can understand the energy and money involved in keeping a cat. It is also suggested to list a cat account for adoption. For example, how do you ask for cat food, litter, medical care, and care, and how much does it cost. It may be easier to communicate by turning your request into an actual budget and letting the adopter consider whether he or she can afford it.

       Preliminary agreement, the conditions are appropriate, it is suggested that the adopter come to see the cat and have an interview with the rescuer. Sometimes a person depends on unreliable, sincere can be seen through this link. All the cats sent out for adoption were visited by the adopters. After meeting and chatting in detail, they decided whether to send them for adoption or not. Some adoptive families live far away, but they are willing to travel back and forth for 4 hours to see the kittens. It can be seen that they are sincere. When you meet and talk in detail, you can talk about each other’s work, family, residence, budget, free time, cat plan and preparation, and so on. With eye contact, it is easier to judge the authenticity of the situation. Most of the people with ghosts in their hearts don’t have the courage to look into your eyes and cheat you. Lying is also easy to see through.

       Of course, if you find an adopter from a social network, you can also find out what he is like through his mood, articles, photos, etc. People who are kind-hearted and sunny in their hearts will not often write negative, cynical and acrimonious words.

       7¡¢ How to send a cat?

       If both you and the adopter are satisfied, it is recommended to leave the adopter’s address, contact information, ID photo and emergency contact’s mobile phone number. Taking into account the purchase of cat supplies and other factors, the two sides agreed on a time to deliver the cat to the house instead of letting the adopter take the cat away. It is recommended that the cat be sent to the adopter’s home by the rescuer.

       The reason why the rescuer is suggested to deliver the cat is to confirm the address of the adopter, and to check the adopter’s family environment on the spot (such as whether there are screen windows, whether the rent is shared, whether the door is often open, whether the cat supplies have been properly arranged, etc.).

       Then, the records of the cat’s physical examination in the hospital and the immunization against insects and fleas should be transferred to the adopter. The time and frequency of the next immunization should be specified, indicating the time of sterilization. The cat food eaten before should be kept for about a week. A photo of the cat and the adopter should be taken for a memo. The work of sending the cat for adoption is completed.

       The immunization time and physical examination records are left to the adopter for reference. Cats may be afraid when they come to a new environment, and they are more willing to choose familiar food. If the cat food prepared by the adopter is different from the one you fed before, it will take a long time for the cat to change food. Therefore, it is better to leave some old food for the cat.

       8¡¢ How to make a return visit?

       After the cat is successfully adopted, it is better to follow up the situation immediately. For example, whether the cat adapts to the new environment; whether it brings any trouble to the adopter; how about the spirit, diet and excretion; whether the adopter adapts to the changes of life, etc. It’s good for both the adopter and the cat to understand the problem in time and help solve it.

       When it comes to the time when it is necessary to expel insects and remove fleas for immune sterilization, you can remind the adopter a little. If you are at the age of sterilization, you can also pay a visit to your home after the sterilization. There are various forms of return visit. Social network, telephone and instant messaging are all very convenient methods, which are worth trying.

       This is the experience of how to find stray cats. If you have better experience or suggestions, please add it~

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Ear clipping for identification of sterilization of stray cats

       At present, the majority of cat friends not only take good care of their cats, but also do some public welfare undertakings to help stray dogs and stray cats. They not only feed stray cats every day, but also sterilize them to prevent them from breeding and producing more stray cats. So how can we tell if stray cats have been rescued? Let’s learn about the ear markers of stray cats.

       For the rescuers, seeing that the stray cat’s ears are labeled with ear marks, they will know that the cat has been sterilized and released. The rescuers do not have to capture the cat, but just feed it. If a stray cat that has been sterilized but does not have ear markers moves to another place, it is likely to be captured by other rescuers and sent to the hospital for another operation, especially the female cat, which has no obvious characteristics after sterilization, is likely to be operated repeatedly. So it’s very important to put ear markers on the sterilized cats. Ear tags are good for stray cats and rescuers.

       For stray cats to do ear markers, usually in the cat sterilization surgery before the anesthetic does not wake up, at this time, the cat does not feel pain. Generally speaking, the ear mark of male cat is on the left ear, and that of female cat is on the right ear. Generally speaking, cat’s ear markers can be divided into clipping, tattooing, scalding and drilling.

       1. Ear clipping: ear clipping is an internationally accepted method. This method is relatively safe because there are few vessels on the ear, and most of them are capillaries, and the amount of bleeding is very small. The specific operation is to subtract a section of the ear or cut a small triangle as the ear mark. This method is easy for doctors to operate and does not need special tools. The biggest advantage of this method is that the mark is obvious and easy to observe. The disadvantage is that it affects the beauty and may have some influence on the adoption. Animal hospitals and rescue organizations recommend this method when there is no professional ear marker tool.

       2. Tattoo method: tattooing is to tattoo numbers or letters on the inner side of stray cat’s ears, which requires professional tools for operation. The advantages of this method are safe, easy to operate, and basically do not affect the beauty. It can also number the sterilized stray cats to distinguish the areas. If they are lost or captured by others, they can find the original breeding place by numbering. The disadvantage is that the tattoo is not very obvious and can only be seen after capture, and it is easy to disappear after a long time.

       3. Scalding method: the doctor uses an electric iron to burn a mark inside the ear. This method has the advantages of low cost, simple operation and a few yuan for a small electric iron. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to control. If the scald is light, it may not be seen after recovery. The ear will be deformed if it is too hot. It may take a long time to recover, and it will affect the appearance. Generally speaking, this method is not recommended.

       4. Drilling method: the hole drilling method is to make a hole in the ear with the ear mark pliers. The advantages are obvious mark and simple operation. The disadvantage is that it is not safe, because stray cats live in the wild, fight with each other, or cut easily when looking for food, which also affects the beauty. Generally speaking, it is not recommended. However, this method can be combined with the first method. A semicircular notch is made at the edge of the ear with ear marker forceps, which is safer and easier to distinguish.

       At present, in some cities and organizations with advanced assistance for stray animals, it is very common to give ear labels to the sterilized stray cats. However, for some newly started cities and rescue groups, it may not have thought of or done this. However, it is very important to give ear markers to the sterilized stray cats. I hope every rescuer and rescue group can make ear markers Can take it seriously.

Do you want to sterilize the cat

       Cats are usually more active than dogs when they are in estrus, because cats usually become restless and even make shrill calls at night. Moreover, this kind of sound will last for a long time, which will make them and their neighbors unable to sleep. Therefore, this is also a problem that plagues many cat owners. Generally, this situation will be greatly improved after sterilization, but whether or not to sterilize the cat depends on the owner’s wishes.

       Some owners may feel that sterilizing cats deprives them of their reproductive rights, which is very unfair to cats. In fact, reproductive surgery can improve its behavior, potentially reduce the number of stray cats, reduce the destructive desire of cats, and reduce reproductive tract diseases, including breast cancer and uterine infection. In addition, we can sterilize a kitten after giving birth to a kitten. In this way, the cat can not only experience the taste of being a mother, but also avoid worries about the future. It is killing two birds with one stone.

       In general, the best operation age for cats is about 5-6 months old. However, it is worth noting that the diet of cats will increase due to the influence of hormones after sterilization. Therefore, we must pay attention to the diet management of cats. Never feed blindly, which will lead to obesity. And usually it’s best to find some games to let the cat exercise, but also to strengthen their physique.

       So sterilizing cats can not only solve the problem of screaming when they are in estrus, but also avoid many potential diseases. So sterilization is not as useless as some people think. On the contrary, it has many advantages for Mao. Therefore, whether or not to sterilize the cat is a matter of opinion.

Four Misunderstandings of losing weight for cats

       Usually cats will keep their own body, but for some special cases, such as the cat after sterilization, eat more, exercise less, it is easy to cause obesity. It’s hard to lose weight for these cats, but you can’t rush for success.

       Misunderstanding one, fat looking at the heart is solid, even if the disease is better than the thin cat can resist the disease.

       Correction: obese cats have poorer immunity and disease resistance. Excess fat is not body armor, but shackles. Excessive fat will not only shorten the life span of cats, but also affect the diagnosis of doctors once they get sick, which will bring a lot of trouble to the laboratory test, and even increase the risk of anesthesia in operation.

       Second, weight loss is very simple, like people eat less and move more, the host can make their own plans.

       Correct: eating more and exercising is not easy. You don’t know how much to eat less, how to eat and how long to exercise. Once the method is improper, or excessive weight loss, the cat’s body will not be able to bear or because of malnutrition and illness. Some cats will also be sad because of the sudden decrease in food, suffering from mental illness.

       Myth 3. Like human diet pills, there must be unhealthy “greasy” in the professional diet food for cats. We can make diet food for cats ourselves.

       Correction: weight loss prescription foods reduce fat and carbohydrates, the elements that cause cats to become obese, and increase protein that protects muscles and nutrients that help burn fat. The diet formula of cats on the market is more scientific and safe, and homemade food has too many risks.

       Four, eat wet food than dry food is not easy to cause obesity!

       Correction: the same weight of dry food contains more nutrients and energy than wet food, but cats generally eat more wet food than dry food, so it can not be used as the main means of weight loss.