The influence of cat on Feng Shui

       Remember Japan’s fortune cat? In fact, in many cultures, cats are regarded as sacred animals. In China’s geomantic omen, cats can also influence people to a certain extent. Some people are suitable for keeping cats, while others are not.

       1¡¢ Who are suitable for cats

       Cat is called Yin wood in the eight characters. Its greatest function is to help Wutu. In the eight characters, people born on Wutu day must need yinmu, which includes Jiamu, Wutu and Binghuo. Unless they had a lot of fire and soil and were very strong, they would have to rely on the tiger and cat. If you are hungry, you need a cat more.

       In addition, cat owners must be of the cold eight characters. Generally speaking, they are born in the moon, that is, April 4 to May 4, or in Jinwang season, that is, August 8 to October 7, or November 8 to February 3 of the following year.

       If can’t raise cat, can put embroidery cat picture.

       In addition to the Wutu people who want to keep cats, Jiamu people and Yimu people need cats.

       As for the number of cats, there is also learning. Keeping three or four represents a lot of fire. One or two have more wood. Eleven or twelve belong to wood. Thirteen or fourteen fire to seven colors. If you want to get the longevity of wood fire by raising cats, three cats are the most suitable.

       2¡¢ A person unfit for a cat

       Those who were born in Yinyue on February 4 and March 5 are not suitable to see Yin again. In other words, people born in cat month should not have cats, otherwise it will lead to bad luck.

       The other is born in the month of fire, that is, from May 5 to August 7, and from October 8 to November 7, Xu month. They are not suitable for keeping cats.

       Of course, this is only the analysis of some people, not all people believe in Fengshui theory, so we can see it as a joke.