What is a unicorn?


       There are countless cat breeds in the world. In the process of species reproduction and evolution, cats have gradually evolved many strange characteristics. As the ancients said, cats float in the world and need a long prescription to stand on. So Kirin cat is named for its peculiar tail. Kylin tail, a cat of the top grade, is nothing, the ancients thought it was a symbol of wealth. Kirin cats are smart and brave, and often occupy the leading position in the cat group, so there is the saying of “Elvis”. ??

       If the tail of an animal is not straight but curved, some of it can be wound in one or two circles, which are called “kylin tail”. Especially, the cat is more popular and has special ability. Moreover, the small tail around the tail is very cute. Kirin cats are characterized by their tail breaking into an oblique “n” shape or coiled into an “s” shape like lightning, while short tailed Kirin cats usually droop slightly and erect when excited. Have a strong sense of territory. But as long as you treat it well, it will also show a gentle side. The first reason for the appearance of the Kirin tail is a gene mutation. After many generations of reproduction, the mutant gene gradually becomes a normal gene with stable sequence, and the Kirin tail has become an acceptable congenital malformation. ??????

       Since ancient times, many people have been very curious about the tail of the unicorn. According to the scientific theory, the tail is caused by a gene mutation or a so-called recessive gene, but according to folklore, it is believed that it is owned by the cat entrusted with the responsibility by Kirin. According to the folklore, “there are mice on the beam, dazzled by the tail, dizzy and helpless.”. It means that if a cat is born with a unicorn tail, it can charm a mouse. When the mouse sees the cat’s Unicorn tail, it will feel dizzy and fall off the beam. In addition, it has been said by the ancients that cats with Kirin tail have the special characteristics of Kirin. They are smart, agile and independent. Even if they are stray cats, they are not prone to accidents. Therefore, cats with Kirin tail also live longer than ordinary cats. ????

       Studies have shown that cats do not eat mice, night vision will be reduced, long-term loss of night activity. However, the night vision ability and claw power of the Kirin cat are very good. Especially the male Kirin cat, its strength is quite strong. In addition, it has a keen sense of hearing, and no mouse can escape. Therefore, it has a very powerful leadership style among the cats. Kirin cat is a favorite cat in the south. It is common to have a long tail. Generally, it is necessary to keep a cat to catch mice when opening a shop. The short tailed Kirin cat is a favorite pet cat in southern China. The number of the short tailed Kirin cat is much less than that of the long tailed Kirin cat, which is more gentlemanly. The short tailed Kirin cat is characterized by its fluffy chest hair, which is generally stretched by muscles, and has hard to find stripes, but it is still snow-white all over the body. ????

       Liang Shiqiu, a great literary master and translator of our country, was lucky enough to have a qilin tail at that time. The Kirin, with both a benevolent mind and heart, is the essence of others. Jin Xiangyu’s eyes are not clear. He thought that “benevolent, benevolent, Zhe and kitten” are the best and most beautiful of people. ????????