Daily beauty knowledge of jinjila cat

       Jinjila cat has vivid eyes, vigorous posture, quiet and gentle personality, and is very close to its owner. It is a very popular pet. If you have a chinchilla cat, don’t neglect to make it beautiful.

       1. Moderate bathing. Some parents want to bathe their cats every day, while some parents don’t wash their cats once a year and a half. In fact, it’s all wrong! The correct cat bath should be washed every 5-7 days in summer and 7-10 days in winter. It is absolutely wrong to bathe cats repeatedly if they see their hair fall. Too much Bathing will only damage skin tissue and cause more terrible hair loss. Will also make the cat’s skin become sensitive and vulnerable, it is easy to suffer from various skin diseases. 2. Choose appropriate hair washing liquid. Cat’s skin is neutral. It is not suitable to use alkaline hair shampoo. Some people even use disinfectants such as drip dew, which are chemical harmful liquids, and can never be used on cats, because these substances can damage the cat’s skin, cause allergies and cause hair loss. 3. Moderate exposure to the sun can help the cat absorb ultraviolet rays and make the cat’s skin and hair healthier. All cats like to bask in the sun, but give them a place to shade, and not too long to avoid sunburn or dehydration. 4. Cut the hair a little bit shorter. It is not only easy to comb, but also easy to observe the condition of cat skin. It is very helpful to improve hair loss. It is recommended to take the cat to the regular pet beauty salon for pruning, because the cat will not let you cut it like a dog. If you are a rookie, you are likely to cut the cat, or if it is ugly, it will hurt the cat’s self-esteem. In that case, it will never be cut again.

Some problems encountered by cats in winter

       Summer is over and autumn is coming. I feel that autumn in Shanghai is very short. It will be winter in a flash. So, are cat owners ready to winter their cats? Here are a few questions about cat wintering. I hope it can be helpful for you. Some of them are personal opinions, which can be corrected!

       Do cats need clothes in winter?

       Many parents will prepare a lot of clothes for cats in winter, and LZ will do the same. However, according to experience, it is a bit unreliable for cats to wear clothes. Either they will not move when they put on their clothes, or they will tear them off directly. At most, they will wear clothes just to take some beautiful pictures. So I think that if you want to dress cats for the winter That’s a little hard! It’s better to make a warm nest for it!

       What do cats eat in winter?

       1. Increase the amount of protein and fat. Like chicken breast and barbed crucian carp.

       2. Heat food. Try to eat less and more meals to keep the food fresh. In the cold winter, it is best to heat the food to a warm and palatable temperature and then feed it to the cat (about 40 degrees), which can reduce the risk of disease. ?

       3. Ensure the supply of warm water. Although the amount of drinking water for cats in winter is less than that in summer festivals, drinking water is still very important for cats. Cats love to be clean. If there is dust floating on the water surface, or even its own hair, it will not drink it. We must pay attention to the cleanness of water. ?

       Because of the cold weather in winter, the cat’s appetite will increase. At this time, it is necessary to control the feeding amount and increase the food appropriately. Don’t allow them to eat, sleep, and eat, which is not conducive to health. In winter, cats don’t like sports very much. They spend their daily life eating and sleeping. As a host, it is best to tease it to exercise for a certain period of time every day, so as to enhance the physique and prevent excessive fatness.

       How does cat frostbite do?

       If there is painful edema of the skin or subcutaneous tissue. After a few days, the pain will disappear. Although this kind of frostbite is uncomfortable, it is not serious, so it is not necessary to be afraid of it. It only needs to deal with the injury.

       If the skin and subcutaneous tissue will appear large edema, and spread to the surrounding. Sometimes even there will be blisters, blisters rupture, the formation of ulcers, resulting in wounds can not heal for a long time. Even if the cat is seriously frostbitten, the cat will be very painful and at risk of infection. It is the safest way to take some simple treatment and send them to the hospital.

       If the wound will lose consciousness due to cold and temperature loss, necrosis of the skin and subcutaneous tissue will occur, and large areas of edema will be generated around. Soon, gangrene can develop in the wound, causing slow healing and a high risk of suppurative infection. Such serious injuries are rare. However, if delayed, wound infection may even be life-threatening. Therefore, it is better to send them to the hospital immediately for emergency treatment.

       How to depilate cats?

       In winter, the hair loss of cats will be better than that in autumn, but because the time in the sun is less, it is easy to infect skin diseases. Cat parents can often use the comb to comb the dirt and scurf hidden in the skin, which can not only promote blood circulation, but also comb the cat’s discarded hair. In this way, not only can keep clean, eliminate the smell, but also can make the cat’s hair more bright, and keep the cat’s hair fluffy, do not knot, in order to really keep warm! Don’t forget to let the cat enjoy the rare sunbath in winter when there is sunshine, which is of great help to the skin and hair!

       What about cats bathing?

       Many cat parents are worried about the cat’s cold and don’t take a bath for the whole winter. In fact, helping the cat bathe in winter can promote blood circulation and boost the cat’s energy. It’s better to take a bath once a month or a month and a half. When taking a bath, you can choose to use warm water when the temperature is higher, and choose mild hair washing essence. After washing with warm water, dry it with hot air immediately to avoid cold wind and cold.

       Finally, it is suggested to ensure the common health of human and cat in winter

       It’s cold outside in winter, so many parents are used to closing the doors and windows tightly to keep warm. It’s fine. But you must open the window at intervals to change the air in the room. This is not only good for the cat, but also good for your own health!

       And winter comes, cats and you sleep together is easy to endanger your health! In winter, the bed temperature is appropriate, not ventilated, will create a good living environment for bacteria. When you feel intimate with cats and cats, bacteria can come to your bedding, your underwear, and even your skin, causing harm to you. And the cat in the oxygen deficient environment (quilt) sleep, is also very harmful to itself.

       I hope it will be helpful to all cat owners! I hope every cat can be healthy in winter. If you can help the stray cats outside, please extend your friendly hand!

General knowledge of raising cats

       Can cats and milk? Why do cats get upset in a new environment? Do cats have to be sterilized? How to give the cat a bath, cut nails? Xiaobian has sorted out the cat’s nine questions, hoping to be helpful to the owners

       1¡¢ How about milk for the cat?

       This is the question I hear most often. In fact, many cat owners know that it is not a good thing to feed and drink milk to cats, but they think that only milk can give cats rich nutrition. I will definitely tell the cat owners that because of the lactose tolerance of the cat, giving the cat milk every morning will make it uncomfortable. For cats, dry cat food is the first source of cat nutrition and does not need other special supplements. Dry food is cheap, convenient and can also maintain the cat’s body nutrition. In addition, dry food can be fed freely without waste. If you have special needs, you should also listen to the doctor’s advice. It is not a good thing to provide special supplies for your cat.

       Why is cat always a destroyer?

       The new carpet is odorless and colorless. Why does the cat destroy it?

       Because of the cat’s instinct, it will have the habit of destroying some things. These bad habits cause trouble at home. In fact, sometimes cat damage may be caused by the owner: when new pets or people (especially children) come to visit, life and rest time changes, cages are too small or change cages, feeding conditions or seasonal changes, urinary tract infections caused by drugs, especially bladder irritation or excessive urine production.

       In addition, the cat is a sensitive animal. When the work and rest time changes subtly, the cat will change its behavior, and the owner’s emotion will also affect the cat. All of these may become the motive of destroying and venting depression.

       To solve the problem, we should first seek veterinary examination and urine analysis. When the cause of the disease has been determined and medication has been taken to deal with the problem, the situation can be improved.

       If it is caused by other reasons, if it can not be restored to the initial state, it needs to give the cat time to adapt. As long as it can tolerate, generally speaking, good results can be achieved within a period of time. But if the cat can’t adapt to it, many new anti anxiety, sedative and sedative drugs are commonly used in cats, and some hospitals can also provide mental relaxation treatment.

       Should cats be “snapped”?

       It has been rolling, yelling, irritable and not eating. This is the performance of a cat when it is in estrus. This behavior usually lasts about half a month.

       The only way to solve this problem is to “click” the cat. Some owners may feel that it is not “cat road” to deprive cats of their reproductive rights. In fact, reproductive surgery can improve its behavior, potentially reduce the number of stray cats, reduce the destructive desire of cats, and reduce reproductive tract diseases, including breast cancer and uterine infection.

       The best age for cat operation is about 5-6 months old. It is worth noting that although reproductive surgery will not hinder the development of the cat, but to prevent the cat “click” after the weight of the surge too fast.

       Can cats cut their nails?

       Cutting the cat’s nails properly can reduce the cat’s destructive power without changing its behavior. But the cat can’t protect itself after cutting its nails. It must be kept at home and never be released.

       However, from the point of view of cat’s health, it is not recommended to cut off the cat’s hind toe nails, as the hind feet rarely hurt people and furniture, and can provide cats with some self-defense and climbing ability. Cutting nails on the front paw of a cat should start training from an early age, generally once a month is appropriate. When pruning, you only need to cut off the transparent cutin at the front end. After trimming, you must polish and smooth it. At first, a cat will be more averse to cutting her nails. It is best to trim it when she just wakes up. After trimming one or two, if it shows impatience, you can let it play and reward food or toys. Do not force it to produce more resistance.

       Do cats need a bath?

       If the cat is not properly groomed, it will produce severe depilation or swallow a large number of hair balls. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and comb the hair every day. As for how to reduce fleas, first of all, keep your cat inside. When fleas are found on a cat, you need to use a flea removal comb to remove fleas, and then take a bath, spray flea remover, or give the cat oral medicine to treat fleas. However, it is only suitable for cats over 6 weeks old and can last for 30 days at a time.

       To environmental control to keep the home environment clean and tidy, every corner should pay attention to, so as to avoid.

       6. Raised outdoors or indoors?

       “Should I let my cat out for fresh air?” I usually answer, “if you want your cat to be exposed to cars, stray dogs, disease infections, stray cats, poisons and cats’ strange environment, then let it out!” In fact, cats spend a lot of time sleeping (18 or 19 hours a day), and many things can be arranged in small rooms, where appropriate sports and entertainment can be arranged. If you allow a cat to go out, it’s better not to cut his nails. Claws are very important for outdoor cats. At the same time, we should do a good job in supervision and vaccination on time. Also be aware that your cat is infected with parasites.

       What kind of vaccine do cats need?

       The vaccine can make the cat resistant to infection. There are basically four kinds of vaccines, common three in one mixed vaccine, which can resist many kinds of respiratory tract, digestive tract and systemic vaccine infections; FeLV, which can prevent cats from being infected with feline leukemia virus; FIP, which can fight feline infectious peritonitis virus; rabies vaccine.

       Both young and adult cats need to be vaccinated with these vaccines on time to increase their resistance. However, vaccination is not 100% safe. The vaccine can only provide the best prevention.

       Age conversion between cat and human

       On average, cats live to be about 15 or 16 years old. Some cats are still healthy at 20. When calculating the age of a cat is about equal to the age of a person, the algorithm is as follows: a cat’s age is equal to a person’s age of 20, and then a cat’s annual age is equal to a person’s plus four years old. A cat’s age is about 24 years old and a cat’s age is about 44 years old.

       Why do cats often vomit?

       Some cats are sensitive to certain foods and spit them out, so you should stop feeding them to avoid vomiting again. Some plants can cause allergies or poisoning. Remove the toxic allergenic plants or put those plants out of reach.

       Some cats eat too fast, and they vomit fast and have no weight loss or general illness. Giving them small, multiple meals can help with this problem, and if you have any persistent, painful or intermittent vomiting, consult your veterinarian immediately.

       In addition, it is normal for cats to spit hair balls, but their hair should still be combed every day, and Huamao cream can also be given to reduce the possibility of hair puffing balls. If you have a cold or persistent vomiting, consult your veterinarian.