Is there any harm in keeping a cat

       Cats can play with cats as pets. So, is there any disadvantage in raising cats? Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages of keeping a cat. The following is an analysis of the disadvantages of keeping a cat.

       Kittens began two or three months ago, which is a period of lively and active. Looking at its pitiful, young and ignorant appearance, Leng may as well stretch out its claws, or bite the master’s hand and refuse to let it go until it sees blood. It also shows cruel eyes and a low cry of terror. It often makes the master feel cold. How can I hurt it so much, but it is so fierce? Why does it seem that the animal nature is not reduced, and it is not good at all?

       In fact, to put it bluntly, it is just a manifestation of innocence. Cats used to live in the wild, but their animal nature is still there. As the cat grows older, it will gradually improve.

       In addition to catching people and biting people, cat owners should be prepared for the destruction of furniture. Cats can scratch sofa curtains because they need to grind their claws. In fact, if they are patient and dissuaded, they will be improved.

       Male cats may urinate disorderly in estrus, and female cats sometimes urinate on the bed for other reasons. When the weather is cold, the litter is too dirty, and the owner is dissatisfied, the cat will urinate directly on the bed. It’s necessary to scold at this time, but it’s better to catch the current criminal. The animals are very forgetful, and they may forget all of them soon after they make mistakes. Therefore, the punishment should be real-time, but there is no need to be furious.

       What’s more, the damage to the environment at home is that cat hair is flying all over the place, even for short haired cats. Of course, it can be solved if I clean up more diligently, but if I am so lazy and there are several cats at home, it is really a layer of cat fur at home. I have a nose allergy, so I have to put up with a runny nose! Some people will send cats to have their hair shaved. Of course, it’s OK when it’s hot. But in winter, you should think about it, so that cats will not catch cold. Some cats hate to wear clothes. And be careful to choose the hospital or beauty salon for shaving. There are many cases of feline infection and even death due to shaving.