Tom and Jerry

       It is said that the cat and the mouse quarrel about the ranking of the zodiac, so the cat catches the mouse when it sees the cat and hides when the mouse sees the cat. The classic cartoon “Tom cat and Jerry” is more from the perspective of cat and mouse, which brings us a very happy childhood. What kind of wonderful relationship does the cat and mouse have?

       Part 1. Sheriff black cat

       “Sheriff black cat” is a classic domestic animation. The film transforms the relationship between cat and mouse into police and thief. It was very popular at that time and enjoyed talking about it for friends. So why do cats catch mice in our life now? Is it for nutrition?

       Generally, cats, especially wild cats, catch mice to survive, and the meat of mice contains more taurine, which is good for his eyes. Generally, when the kitten is one month old, the mother cat will take the dead mouse home and eat it in front of the kitten, so that the kitten can know that the mouse is food. By two months, the cat mother will let the kitten start to eat mice After Dao mouse is the food, the cat mother will take the mouse which has not been killed to go home, lets the kitten practice to catch the mouse.

       Part 2. Big faced cat and blue mouse

       The domestic animated cartoon “big face cat and blue mouse” tells the story of a pair of good brothers of cat and mouse. In the story, cat and mouse get along peacefully without quarrel and blood, which reflects the real situation of pet cat now. What’s the reason why pet cats generally don’t catch mice?

       The main reason is that your cat left the cat’s mother when she was very young. If the cat left her mother too early, no one would teach him these things. The kitten did not know that mice were food. How could they catch them? Your kitten used to catch mice or now catch insects, not because they want to eat, but because they are interested in moving objects. They left their mother cat three months ago. If they didn’t teach them, they would catch mice. A cat’s mother’s children who can’t catch mice will not catch mice even if they are with their mother.

       Moreover, most of the domestic cats now have a stable living environment, so they don’t have to worry about survival, so they don’t catch them. Some of them have never seen a mouse since they were young, and cats are also very opportunistic. Therefore, cats only catch mice or play with them when they can’t get other food.