The misunderstanding of cat maintenance: fatter, fatter?

       Although fat cats are very cute in some people’s eyes, for cats, obesity may not be a good thing, it will seriously affect the health of cats. In fact, many owners have found that their cats are fatter than other cats. However, since the cats have not shown any obvious abnormality, they think that it will not matter if the cats are fatter. However, the fact is that obesity has brought harm to the cat’s body. However, if the owner can be vigilant at that time and take some positive measures for the cat, then the cat may not have to endure the pain caused by the disease.

       1¡¢ Why does a cat become a fat man

       Eating too well, too little exercise and illness may make the cat lose shape. If you want to keep the cat healthy, the owner’s maintenance work must be scientific and reasonable. For example, you should control the cat’s food intake, because some cats will not control their own food intake. If the owner does not help them control their food intake, they will easily become fat cats; similarly, snacks The supply of snacks should also be moderate. If snacks are provided without restriction, cats may not only gain weight, but also may not eat staple food. And because now many domestic cats will not go out, the amount of exercise is greatly reduced, so the probability of becoming fat is much higher. In addition, if the cat has some diseases that can lead to weight gain, the owner needs to call the veterinarian for help immediately.

       2¡¢ What harm does cat get fat

       Obese cats are more likely to suffer from some diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease and so on. And because of the weight is too big, the cat’s joints also have to bear greater pressure, some cats will suffer from arthritis and so on. If appropriate, the veterinarian may advise the owner to help the cat lose weight, but the owner needs to follow the arrangement of the veterinarian.

       Therefore, in order to have a healthy cat body, the owner must pay attention to avoid excessive lateral development of the cat, otherwise, when the cat has any problems, you may regret it. If the cat has become fat, then the owner needs to check the cat regularly and see whether or how to help the cat lose weight according to the opinions of professionals. For the sick obese cats, whether to lose weight and how to fatten should also be carried out under the guidance of the veterinarian to avoid unexpected situations.

How does cat appetite bad do

       As the saying goes, “food is the most important thing for the people” can also be used as a cat. It’s not just a matter of keeping a cat full of food for a long time. But in life, it is inevitable that cat’s appetite will become worse due to some special circumstances. What should be done when encountering these problems? Of course, find out the reason first and then solve the problem!

       1. The reason why cats have poor appetite

       1. There are problems with the food you prepare for your cat. For example, it has rotten and deteriorated, there is a serious smell, and the food is too spicy and stimulating. Because of the food itself, it will affect the cat’s appetite. It will not eat the food, smell it, and then turn around and walk away.

       2. Strange environment, strong light, noise, strangers’ interference and other external factors can also affect the cat’s appetite. These tense environment and atmosphere will also make the pet cat nervous and afraid. When it is unstable and nervous, it will have no appetite to eat.

       3. Disease is also one of the factors that affect the cat’s appetite. It has been proved that when a cat is sick, such as a cold, infected with gastroenteritis and other diseases, its appetite will be significantly worse, not eating or eating very little. Of course, in this case, as long as the cat can recover health, their eating habits will gradually return to normal.

       4. Mood, like humans, cats also have emotions. When they are in a bad mood, they will also affect their appetite.

       5. Overheated weather will not only affect the cat’s mood, but also reduce the cat’s appetite

       6. Cats in estrus also have poor appetite.

       Second, the performance of the cat’s lack of appetite

       1. Nasal obstruction.

       2. Smell the stuff.

       3. Even if you are close to food, you can’t smell it. Turn your back.

       4. Meditate before food.


       6. Walk up to the food, but don’t eat it.

       3. Solutions to poor appetite of cats

       If your cat refuses to eat because the food is not attractive enough, it is necessary to fundamentally reconsider the choice of cat food according to the cat’s preferences. It’s important to talk to your veterinarian before making a decision about the cat’s diet. You must choose light, sustainable food and good quality food.

       At ordinary times, the food fed to the cat must be fresh, and the cat food should be properly stored. The cat’s eating tools should be regularly cleaned and disinfected to ensure that every mouthful of food taken by the cat is clean and healthy.

       Don’t make the cat angry before dinner, and don’t disturb the cat when eating.

       Oral disease is one of the high incidence of cats, usually pay more attention to observe the cat’s mouth, once there is abnormal to be vigilant at any time, can send to the doctor must not blindly treat themselves, lest delay the disease.

       Cat’s living environment is very important, especially in summer, pay attention to ventilation, do not overheat.

       When the cat is in estrus, what the feed should do is to appease it and add some wet food to the food to increase the cat’s appetite.

       Usually don’t always feed too single food, most cats like to eat canned food, you can prepare more canned food and cats like snacks, alternate between eating.