Brushing the cat’s teeth

       Cats like to clean their hair is a cat love clean performance, as a clean cat, of course, their own requirements are very high. Although the cat’s appearance is bright and beautiful, the cat’s teeth are easy to get sick. Parents who know how to protect the cat’s teeth will brush the cat’s teeth 3-4 times a week, and regularly go to the pet hospital to clean the cat’s teeth and remove the calculus. To protect the health of teeth. Generally speaking, if the cat’s teeth are not properly cared for, it will easily lead to residual dirt on the teeth, and eventually lead to tooth decay, gingival inflammation and other serious oral problems. In order to avoid the cat teeth health problems, breeders should do a good job in cat teeth care, and master the cat teeth care methods. First, the simplest and most common method of cat tooth care with the lowest cost is to brush teeth regularly for cats, and the cats should be allowed to brush their teeth from an early age. The sooner they adapt to brushing, the earlier the cat’s teeth will be taken care of. At the same time, the troubles and troubles caused by adult cats not used to brushing teeth will be saved. Second, the tools needed Cleaning cat teeth need to prepare tools is very simple, mainly pet cat toothpaste, toothbrush, cotton swab and so on. 3. Simple method the work of brushing teeth for cats is relatively simple. Apply a little toothpaste on the lips of the first cat, so that the cat can be familiar with and accept the taste of toothpaste. When the cat is used to it, the breeder can gently touch the cat’s gums with a cotton swab. During the cleaning process, the action should be gentle and slow, so that the fans can slowly accept the work of toothbrush. After cleaning, clean the cat’s mouth. In order to avoid teeth health problems of pet cats, in addition to brushing, washing teeth and removing calculus, in daily life, breeders should try to avoid feeding soft and sticky food to pet cats, and should choose dry food. Because the soft and sticky food is easy to remain on the teeth after the cat has eaten, which is easy to cause oral problems of the cat. And dry food not only will not have this situation, but also has the function of removing tartar, which plays a role in cat’s tooth health care. PS: so it’s not enough to do a good job in nursing. We should pay more attention to prevention in the details of daily life. Just like many of us now complain that our teeth are not good. They say that eating too much sugar in childhood is a truth. When your kitten has a good set of teeth, then it can eat well, eat well to grow well, so small details reflect the big problem.