Why did the cat eat Polygonum hydropiper not respond?

       Polygonum hydropiper is like a drug for cats. It can make cats have strange and interesting reactions when given Polygonum mutabilis. However, some cats don’t react so strongly after eating it. Why?

       1¡¢ Not all cats respond to Polygonum officinalis

       Some owners would like to buy Polygonum officinalis for their cats, usually in order to see the cat show a trance after “drug abuse”. As we all know, Polygonum hydropiper is a favorite plant for cats. But in fact, about 30% of cats will have a drunken reaction to Polygonum mutabilis. 70% of the other cats did not respond. So even if your cat doesn’t respond to Polygonum mutabilis, don’t worry if he has a problem.

       2¡¢ How to divide cat grass, cat mint and Polygonum multiflorum?

       1. Cat grass: refers to the plant that is specially cultivated for the cat to eat and can help vomit the hair ball. This kind of cat edible plants are non-toxic, and are rich in fiber, which can stimulate the cat’s gastrointestinal peristalsis and help the cat vomit out the hair balls formed in the stomach. Wheat, oats, mung beans and other plants can be used as cat grass for cats to eat.

       2. Cat Mint: it is classified into Schizonepeta, a genus of angiosperm Labiatae, which can be divided into about 250 species. Some of them can stimulate the pheromone receptors of cats and make them have some special behaviors. Therefore, they are called cat mint or cat grass. When they are provided to cats, the dosage should be controlled.

       3. Polygonum mutabilis: the fruit is easy to be parasitized by insects, so it can be used only after the insects are removed and dried in the sun. It can also be used in traditional Chinese medicine, which has a refreshing effect. Due to the medicinal function of Polygonum mutabilis, it is not allowed to increase the dose because the cat does not respond when it is provided to the cat. Excessive dose may cause damage to the cat’s liver and kidney, but the gain is not worth the loss.

       3¡¢ Can you grow it yourself?

       In addition to Polygonum hydropiper, which needs to be dried in the sun, it is more troublesome to use. Now, there are cultivation pot products available for growers to choose from. Help love cat plant cat grass and cat mint, no pesticides and preservatives, but also more comfortable.

       Generally speaking, Polygonum mutabilis is not suitable for all cats, and don’t always give it to cats. If cats don’t respond to Polygonum mutabilis, don’t increase the dose, because it will affect the health of cats.