What kind of cats like to do damage and why? How to stop them

       Petite body, steady pace, quiet and lovely, often whine cat how to think that it is the “king of destruction” at home! Compared with dogs, the cat’s sabotage is not as simple as tearing a few pieces of paper and cloth. If it is a newly decorated house, it must not be allowed to do so! So why does the cat like to do so? How can we solve the problem?

       I. The reason why cats do damage

       1. Because of the cat’s instinct, it will have the habit of destroying some things. These bad habits cause trouble at home. In fact, sometimes cat damage may be caused by the owner: when new pets or people (especially children) come to visit, life and rest time changes, cages are too small or change cages, feeding conditions or seasonal changes, urinary tract infections caused by drugs, especially bladder irritation or excessive urine production.

       2. The cat is a sensitive animal. When the work and rest time changes subtly, the cat will change its behavior, and the main mood will also affect the cat. All of these may become the motive of destroying and venting depression.

       2. Which cats like to destroy

       1. Young cats

       Although the little guys are small and thin, they often do the bad things. Because kittens are still in the learning stage, they are very active and extroverted. They like to contact new things and use all kinds of weapons to study them. However, they do not establish the rules of human life. On the contrary, they are more likely to cause damage.

       2. Stray cats

       Newly adopted stray cats can easily become the king of destruction. Because they are not adapted to the new life and have been hurt when living in the wild, some stray cats will do a lot of incomprehensible destructive behaviors. However, we must not abandon them for this reason. Instead, we should give them more love and help them join the ranks of cat angels as soon as possible.

       3. Grass cat

       Generally, grass cats are lively, independent, clingy, curious and like to chase their prey. If they are kept at home, they will be destroyed because they have no food. Of course, because of the genetic uncertainty, some of them may be quiet. When they are young, they can be a little aggressive. In fact, they regard people as playmates, so they will bite their owners.

       4. Old cats

       As the cat gets older, although its exercise ability is weakened, it is likely to become the king of destruction due to changes in personality and body. Some old cats have changed their life and rest because of their age. Some even have a bad temper and are more sensitive and irritable. At this time, what they need is our care and tolerance. The master should give more caress and reduce the loss.

       3. How to stop the cat’s sabotage

       1. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the cat is damaged due to the disease. If so, seek veterinary examination. After determining the cause of disease, the situation can be improved by taking medicine to deal with the problem.

       2. Cats hate fright, water bottles, clapping loudly or other sudden noises, such as the sound of a thick book hitting the ground. You can use these sounds to stop what you don’t want your cat to do. But you have to make noise at the same time that the cat is doing something bad, so that they can relate the annoying noise to what he is doing.

       3. When the cat does something wrong, push the cat’s face with the palm of your hand, and then say “no” in a loud and severe voice. The tone of the voice should be different from that when you touch them and play with them.

       In fact, the most important principle is the so-called “baby principle”. Cats, like babies, don’t have much behavioral control. When you have a cat, you can imagine that there is an extra baby in your family who is crawling all over the place and can’t find anything dangerous. Put the fragile things in the cupboard, put the food out of their reach, and replace the trash can with the hospital’s foot stepping type.

       Usually spend more time with the cat, occasionally buy them some gifts, make some homemade food for them, after all, they are emotional animals, can feel the surprise. Over time, they will find ways to please you, rather than make trouble for you, and eventually become the best company in your life.