How to use cat MINT

       Many people have heard of cat mint, but they don’t know how to use it and whether the effect is good. Let’s make up for you to analyze the role of cat mint and the use of it.

       Cat Mint is a kind of herb, also known as cat grass. It contains a chemical substance, called nepetalctone, which is oily and easy to excite cats. This kind of substance is similar to a kind of human sedative. It will not produce exciting effect for human beings, but will relax people’s nerves and promote sleep.

       Cat friends jokingly call cat MINT “cat drug”. It is said that most of the feline animals have reactions to cat mint. After use, the cat will roll, turn around and even drool on the ground, and will wake up after a while. Cat mint can not only make the cat happy, but also has the effect of vomit hair. There are toys and cat scratch versions filled with cat Mint in pet shops. Of course, cat owners can also buy cat Mint in bags online. Only 0.5g or less each time can make the cat excited. Homemade cat Mint toys or putting cat Mint in the cat’s nest will bring more novel experience.