How to choose high quality chinchilla

       The shape and rabbit is very similar to the dragon cat, the body is not big, chubby appearance is very pleasing. In recent years, many people have paid attention to it, and more and more people have raised it. When you decide to raise a chinchilla, do you know how to select a good quality chinchilla? The following information is compiled for reference by the owners who plan to raise chinchillas.

       1. The shape is short and round, and the hair has no defect. The eyes are bright and vivid, without eye dirt. The nose breathes smoothly without nasal mucus. Feces should be very hard oblong, dark brown particles. The teeth are yellow and flat. Hold the tail of the chinchilla with the right hand, put it on the left arm, blow to the back of the chinchilla. It is better to not see the skin after the hair is scattered. Otherwise, it indicates that the strain is not good.

       2. Suitable breeding age: 4 months to 6 months. There are also some pet traders selling 2-3 months old chinchillas on the market. It is very dangerous to do so, because during this period, the chinchillas should live with their mothers for a period of time, leaving their mothers prematurely, resulting in high disease and mortality.

       3. Gender: during the breeding period, females are more irritable than males and have no difference in daily life. However, females have the ability to reproduce, so the price will be higher than males.