British short hair cat breed classification, what breed does short hair cat have good breed

       Although the short haired cat is good-looking, because of the variety is too many, many cat lovers don’t know how to choose at the initial stage. The following page will give you a cat encyclopedia knowledge explanation, so that you can learn about the terminal classification of short haired cats.

       1. Orange eyed white cat

       There are three kinds of white English short haired cats, which are distinguished by eye color. The difference between orange eyed and blue eyed white cats is that orange eyed white cats do not have congenital deafness. But like other white cats, there is a risk of sunburn.

       Characteristics: in some white cats, the incidence of “abnormal toe” is very high, “abnormal toe” means “multi toe”. Although it will be regarded as a serious defect in the exhibition, it will not cause disability and health, and is a lovely partner.

       2. Blue eyed white cat

       Blue eyed white British shorthair cats are often born deaf, have little ability to be a good mother, and are rare today.

       Features: in addition to eye color, blue eyes are more obvious at 12 weeks of age as other white British short haired cats. Note: the first blue eyed white British Shorthair cat appeared in the early 1980s.

       He was very popular at that time and often became the winner at the exhibition.

       3. The strange eyed white cat the strange eyed white British short haired cat was bred from the breeding program of the orange eyed British Shorthair cat. Note: there is an orange eye and a blue eye, so the appearance is peculiar. Some people say that people with deep markings on the head will not suffer from deafness.

       4. Milky yellow

       Opalescent cats have been popular since the 1950s, but they pose a serious challenge to breeders, when people didn’t know much about the color genes.

       Features: many creamy yellow British short haired cats always have tiger spots, or many light pink. Eyes vary from deep gold to bronze. Note: the color of the earliest breed of milky yellow long haired cat is deeper than that of modern varieties. Some cats are close to light yellow brown. Market price: 12-tens of thousands. Country of origin: British ancestor: British short haired cat Siamese cat (detailed introduction) origin: 1980s

       5. Key color

       Short haired cat personality: rich emotion historical origin: in the 1980s, Siamese cat color was inherited from British short haired cat and Siamese cat mixed breed, and the cat born was more calm than the real Siamese cat. The shape of the cat is still improving, but people have been breeding cats of good color and quality. Face: round, nose short and wide, obviously concave bridge.

       Adult male cats have obvious neck wattle, so the head shape is slightly different. Body: stout, short back and legs. The sole of the foot must be strong and round, with a thick tail and a rounded tip. Coat: not soft and fluffy and crisp like a British short haired cat. The basic color of the body is milky yellow, and the key color is the dark milk yellow with which to form the meridian. There can be patches and stripes.

       The main color of the short eyes is blue. The pupil tends to turn copper gradually in the process of growth, but it still looks blue in general. Nose is brick red, very wide, obviously concave nose bridge. The palms of the feet are strong and round. The tail is streaked locally. Legs and feet are lighter than the rest of the key colors.

       The base color of the body is milky white, and the key color is the dark cream yellow or other seal color that forms the meridian with, and can have patches and stripes. Just like Siamese cats, the key colors need only a small amount of combing, proper amount of bathing, and natural air drying in warm places. Never use the air dryer to dry them. You can use a thin and slightly curved plastic comb to wipe off excess hair, which can make the coat more comfortable.