Introduction to the breed of Nevada cat

       The appearance of the Nevada cat can be said to be a long haired Russian Blue Cat (detailed introduction). It is a new breed approved by TICA in 1987. Is a rare variant of the cat, known as the “long hair aristocrat”, this cat except for the fur, the rest of the same as the Russian blue cat.

       The origin and introduction of Nevada cat

       Originated in Europe in 1960s, especially in Britain, Russian Blue Cats tend to return to their original short stature and dark coat. Breeding experts in the United States have thus created a variety with delicate head, body and claws, light coat and lighter weight. The Russian blue cat is very popular in the United States and Japan (where people adore it). In the 1980s, after several crossbreeding, a semi long haired Russian Blue Cat variety called nebelung was born. This extremely rare variety was recognized as a new variety by TICA in 1987. The Russian Blue Cat, known as the “short haired aristocrat”, is a new comer of the long haired species, namely, the Nevada cat. It was born by mating a Russian Blue Cat with a domestic cat, but it is not easy to show the green eyes of a Russian blue cat. It is difficult to predict the future breed of the cat. Although it is a long hairy species, only the tail hair is relatively rich; except for the coat, the rest are the same as the Russian blue cat.

       Price of Nevada cat

       At present, there are not many Nevada cats in China. If it is not purebred, the purchase price is 2000-3000. If it is pure breed or race grade, the price will be much higher. Cat friends can choose according to their own situation.