Feeding methods for American short haired cats

       American short haired cat is beautiful and lovely in appearance, gentle and clever in character. It is very human and emotional. It is easy to get close to family members and get along with other pets peacefully. If you have a cute American kitten at home, how do you feed them properly?

       1. Healthy American short haired cats are full of energy. They like sports and love life. Therefore, in the process of feeding, we also need to prepare necessary sports toys at home, so that American short haired cats can exercise and play at any time. Or the owner can also take the American kitten out for a walk and exercise in his spare time.

       2. American short haired cats have very high intelligence quotient. They are very intelligent. Therefore, in daily life, the host can also train them to master more and better living habits and have a healthier physical and mental state.

       3. American short hair cats also like to depilate, so in the process of feeding, we should strengthen the hair care of American short hair cats. Also regularly feed the cat hair ball cream, help the cat clean the hair ball of the stomach, and care for the cat’s intestines and stomach.

       4. Because of the short hair of British kittens, it is relatively easy to take care of them. Breeders only need to spend 10-15 minutes a day grooming their cats. Then trim the toenails for the cat for 2-3 weeks, and clean the cat’s eyes and ears for 1-2 weeks. Generally speaking, one to two months for the cat bath can be.

       American shorthair cats are brave and hardworking domestic cats, and feeding them is also a relatively easy thing for breeders. Moreover, the American short hair cat’s character is very gentle and kind. If there are children or other pets in the family, they don’t worry, because the American short haired cat can get along with other people and pets peacefully.