A detailed introduction to American short haired cats

       Historically, the ancestors of American Bobcat originally lived in Europe, and then followed the early pioneers into North America. Records show that several cats were raised on the May flower, whose job is to catch rats on board that steal food and spread germs. After constant breeding, the Native American short haired cat was finally established. At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the introduction of some foreign breeds of cats to the United States, the native blood of American short haired cats began to be weakened. The kittens born after mating with long haired cats and Siamese cats had a variety of different lengths of fur, body shape, color and temperament. The early breeders succeeded in obtaining perfect markings, colors, and strong forms, beautiful faces and lovely characters. In the breeding history of American short haired cat, this cat species was registered as “short haired cat” at first, and then changed to “short hair domestic cat”. It was not until 1966 that the name of “American short haired cat” appeared. This cat species is also one of the first five breeds certified by CFA when it was initially certified. To this day, the American short haired cat has been one of the top ten popular cat breeds. The so-called “American short haired cat” is different from that in the United States, both in blood and appearance. Or some native cats in the United States may at first glance feel like the orthodox “American short haired cat”, but the real purebred cats should be able to maintain the same appearance, coat color and personality when breeding the next generation of kittens. Native to the United States (the American short haired cat is a unique breed of the United States. Its ancestors came from Europe and followed the early pioneers into North America.) Reproduction is viviparous. The American short haired cat is inherited from its ancestors’ strong, brave and hard-working. Their personality is gentle and will not be changed by the change of environment or mood. They are always patient and amiable. They don’t lose their temper. They don’t like shouting. They are very suitable for families with children. Their own resistance is very strong, rarely sick, is the cat with the least medical costs. In the same way, meishort is also a very smart cat species. Although they can’t perform tricks like catching a ball from the sky, their owners can teach them to promise their names and stay away from furniture such as sofas. You’ll find an American kitten at home more likely to lie on your legs and enjoy your caress. They will cherish their toys, especially when the owner is away, they will invent a variety of different ways to play, so that they do not feel lonely. American Bobcats are happy to get along with other animals, including birds and dogs. Standard body type: American short haired cat is a working cat species. It has a very strong body, thick bones and muscles. It has strong chest muscles. It has a thick coat and can withstand cold. It is symmetrical and has no excess flesh. The male cat is larger than the female cat. From the side, the body can be divided into three parts: sternum to elbow; front of hind leg to buttock eye, The length of the tail should be the same as that of the shoulder blade to the tail connecting the body. The head features of American short haired cat: 1. The head is large and oval, with plump cheeks, and shows lovely and frank expression, with M-shaped forehead. 2. The ears are of medium length, with rounded tips and wide base. The distance between the two ears should be half the distance between the eyes. 3. Forehead from the top of the head to the neck, forming a convex and smooth line, from the front, the top of the head is flat. 4. The eyes are big and wide, slightly raised. The upper eyelid is like a half kernel almond, while the lower eyelid forms a graph curve. The distance between the eyes should be at least the width of one eye. The eye is bright and clear, and the eye is alert. The eye color varies according to the color of the coat. 5. The nose is of medium length with the same length and width. From the side, the line from the beam to the forehead is slightly convex. CFA (cat fans’ Association) American short hair rating standard: CFA scoring standard, for short color, posture, head, body, limbs, tail, etc. score head 30 (including the shape and size of eyes, ear shape and nose structure and position) body 30 points (including shape, size, bone and tail length) hair color 20 points (stripes = 10 points; color = 10 points) hair 15 points, eyes 5 points, CFA beautiful short education criteria: ears: medium size, the tip is slightly round, the root of the ear will not open too much, the distance between the two ears (measured from the lower inner angle) is equal to twice the distance between the two eyes forehead: from the side, the forehead is smooth, head to neck presents a slightly convex curve; From the front, there is no obvious dome eye between the two ears: large and wide, the upper eyelid is like a longitudinally cut almond (half ellipse), and the lower eyelid is full of circular curve; the distance between the two eyes should be at least equal to the width of one eye; the outer angle of the eye is slightly higher than the inner angle of the eye, bright, clear and alert. Nose: medium length, width and length, viewed from the side, the bridge of the nose to the forehead presents a slightly concave curve. The coat is short and thick, hard and dense to resist moisture, cold and skin damage. There are more than 100 kinds of coat colors. The CFA recognizes a total of 62 colors, including white, black, blue, red, brown, silver, red, blue, tiger patch, two-color, hawksbill, etc.

Do American short haired cats stick to people

       Pet cats are mostly sticky. They like to be close to people, and sometimes they compete for favors. They often stick to their owners. American Bobcat is a popular pet cat. How about whether American kittens stick to people? Let’s follow the editor of Borch. Com and have a look.

       The Chinese shorthair cat has inherited its ancestors’ strong, brave and hard-working. It has a mild character and will not be changed by the change of environment or mood. Full of patience, amiable, will not lose his temper, do not like shouting, suitable for the family with children. American short haired cats have strong resistance.

       American shorthair cats are also very smart cats. Their owners can teach them to promise their names and stay away from furniture such as sofas and how to control their food intake. American Bobcats at home like to lie on their owners’ legs and enjoy their owners’ caresses. They cherish their toys very much, especially when the owner is away, they will invent a variety of different ways to play, so that they don’t feel lonely. American Bobcats are happy to get along with other animals, including birds and dogs.

       There are different opinions on the stickiness of American short tailed cats. In fact, it can be understood that, after all, the personalities of every cat are different, but most cats are still quite clingy. They like to follow their owners, hoping that the owners can touch and hold them frequently. Although American tailed cats cling to people, they never leave their owners like Muppets, so they will not cause much trouble to their owners. In fact, many cat owners like the feeling that they are dependent on and trusted by them, so many friends still prefer sticky cats.

Feeding methods for American short haired cats

       American short haired cat is beautiful and lovely in appearance, gentle and clever in character. It is very human and emotional. It is easy to get close to family members and get along with other pets peacefully. If you have a cute American kitten at home, how do you feed them properly?

       1. Healthy American short haired cats are full of energy. They like sports and love life. Therefore, in the process of feeding, we also need to prepare necessary sports toys at home, so that American short haired cats can exercise and play at any time. Or the owner can also take the American kitten out for a walk and exercise in his spare time.

       2. American short haired cats have very high intelligence quotient. They are very intelligent. Therefore, in daily life, the host can also train them to master more and better living habits and have a healthier physical and mental state.

       3. American short hair cats also like to depilate, so in the process of feeding, we should strengthen the hair care of American short hair cats. Also regularly feed the cat hair ball cream, help the cat clean the hair ball of the stomach, and care for the cat’s intestines and stomach.

       4. Because of the short hair of British kittens, it is relatively easy to take care of them. Breeders only need to spend 10-15 minutes a day grooming their cats. Then trim the toenails for the cat for 2-3 weeks, and clean the cat’s eyes and ears for 1-2 weeks. Generally speaking, one to two months for the cat bath can be.

       American shorthair cats are brave and hardworking domestic cats, and feeding them is also a relatively easy thing for breeders. Moreover, the American short hair cat’s character is very gentle and kind. If there are children or other pets in the family, they don’t worry, because the American short haired cat can get along with other people and pets peacefully.

Introduce five of the friendliest cats

       Many office workers who like to raise pets will choose to raise cats for convenience and to eliminate loneliness, and sometimes more than one cat. There will be a problem. Cats will attack each other, but some cats are naturally friendly and are the best choice for raising. Today, I will introduce them one by one! 1. Cute baby — Himalayan Cat

       The Himalayan cat has short, straight limbs, a short body and a deep chest. It has a powerful dome like head, round cheeks and jaws, clever ears and short nose, and big round eyes, which are almost similar to Persian cats. The eyes are blue, and the bluer the better. Its coat is long and soft with dark spots. About life habits: most Himalayan cats are not lively cats; that is to say, they will not walk around at any time. They like to play and are very active, but they prefer to lie on your legs, and no matter what you are doing, they always want to participate in it! Himalayan cats are not lively cats, but they like to be close to people and play with their owners, but they don’t run around. Himalayan cat combines the advantages of Persian cat and Siamese cat. It has not only Persian cat’s sweet appearance and quick response, but also Siamese cat’s intelligence and gentleness. Its small size is deeply loved by many people. 2. Cute sweetheart — American short haired cat

       American short haired cat is famous for its big body, strong bone, developed muscle, intelligent nature and gentle character. It is a large and medium-sized short haired cat. The coat is thick and dense, and there are more than 30 kinds of coat color, among which the Silver Stripe variety is particularly valuable. American short haired cat is a purebred working cat, which is characterized by strong physique, good balance, symmetrical figure, powerful and lively character. They are medium to large, and adult females are smaller than males. Introduction to life habits: american shorthair cats inherited the strong, brave and hard-working ancestors of the United States, mild personality, will not change because of the environment or mood changes. Full of patience, amiable, will not lose his temper, do not like shouting, suitable for the family with children. American short haired cat has strong resistance and seldom gets sick. It is one of the cats with the least medical expenses. 3. Friendly angel — jinjila cat

       Jinjila is the first pure artificial breeding, after years of careful breeding, a characteristic cat species. The ideal jinjila cat should give people a feeling of thick, well-balanced, and have a sweet expression; its body presents a soft, round curve. The whole head looks big and round. A pair of big eyes are round. The distance between the two eyes is wide and the distance between them is very wide. About the life habit introduction: jinjila is noble and elegant, but there is no lack of playfulness and tenderness. Super clingy personality makes her more charming. Jinjila love clean, recognize the master, recognize their own name. Eat in a clean place you like. No leftovers. But still maintain the unique curiosity of the cat, especially sensitive to cat stick and small flying insects. Noble and gorgeous, elegant and quiet, meek and personality, it is tender and understanding, like close to people, love clean and clean. 4. The little girl next door — exotic short haired cat

       The exotic short haired cat is a perfect breed. After years of improvement, it still retains a very similar character to the Persian cat. The only difference between the exotic short haired cat and the Persian cat is that its hair is short, thick and fluffy. The ideal exotic short haired cat should have strong bones, well-balanced body, soft and round lines. Round eyes, large round head, wide distance between eyes, short and thick neck, short nose, high nasal segment and placed between eyes, full cheek. Introduction to life habits: the exotic short haired cat retains the unique lovely expression and round body shape of the Persian cat in addition to its agricultural dense fur. He is quiet, lovely, warm and pure, sweet, peaceful, informal and loyal. On the other hand, he is as lively and playful as other varieties. It’s as quiet as a Persian cat, close to people, and as naughty as the American Shorthair cat. 5. Harmony and cute meow — Shandong lion cat

       Shandong lion cat has a large head, short ears, and long hair. The hair on the neck and back can be as long as 4-5cm, which is why it got its name. According to the fur can be divided into white lion cat, black lion cat, whip Hydrangea, flower lion cat four kinds. The eye color of Shandong lion cat can be divided into blue eye, yellow eye and mandarin duck eye. The snow-white lion cat with mandarin duck eyes is the most precious in this breed. About the life habit introduction: Shandong lion cat body is strong, strong disease resistance, cold resistance, good at catching mice. Among the lions and cats in Shandong Province, the most precious one belongs to Linqing City, Shandong Province, where the Shandong lion cat is long haired. Its whole body is not only covered by very thick snow white long hair, but also has a very special place, that is, its eyes are yin-yang eyes, one is yellow, the other is blue, so there are strange superstitious legends on its body Some people say that keeping a cat like this can go to the disaster and Exorcism at home, and let good luck come to your home!

What are the smaller types of cats

       We all know that among the dogs there are Petite teacup dogs. These “mini and teacup dogs” are all small dogs. Is there any kind of cat that does not grow up? Is there any cat that doesn’t grow up! Different cat breeds have different body shape standards. Some cats are naturally larger, while others are naturally smaller. It is worth noting that the vast majority of cats are not big in size, because the size of cats must be convenient for them to move and jump. If they are too big, they will hinder the cat’s activities, and it is also a problem to catch mice. Therefore, too many factors lead to the cat’s not too big. In many breeds of cats, there is no lack of smaller breeds. For example, the Oriental short hair cat, originally from Singapore, is one of the small cats in China. It weighs about 3 kg. It is said to be a variant of Siamese cat (detailed introduction) and Abyssinian cat, similar in size to Siamese cat. In addition, the smaller cats are European short hair cat, American short hair cat, foreign short hair cat, British fold ear cat.

American short daily feeding skills, American short hair cat care common sense

       1. American short haired cats are not only beautiful, but also very strong. They seldom get sick. Under normal circumstances, the average life span can reach 15-20 years. You only need to go to the pet hospital once a year and do a routine health examination. American short haired cats are very energetic, unlike other cats who are always lazy. So it’s better to have cat climbing frame and other cat furniture at home to let us short consume energy.

       2. Cats living at home basically lose their hair all year round, and American short haired cats are no exception. Therefore, in the process of feeding, we should strengthen the hair care of American short haired cats. American short haired cats accumulate a lot of hair balls in their stomachs, so feeding them regularly can help them clean their hair balls and protect their intestines and stomach.

       3. American short haired cats have very high intelligence quotient and are very smart. Therefore, in daily life, owners can also train them, teach them some basic games or life rules, so that they can master more and better living habits and have a healthier physical and mental state. They’re good at playing by themselves, and they invent their own games when their owners are away.

       4. For an American short haired cat with beautiful fur, its care is very simple. As long as you set aside a little time every day, hold it in your arms and gently touch it with warm hands, it is the best care for it. Because this can help it transfer the oil needed by the coat, so that its coat is more glossy.

Introduction of exotic short haired cats

       Exotic short haired cat is a breed bred by artificially mating Persian and other long haired cats with American short hair and Burmese cats in the United States in the 1960s. At the time of the breeding plan, the exotic short haired cat was still very thin. The breeders of Persian cat worried that the pure bred Persian would be hybridized. Some breeders even strongly criticized it as “damaging the purebred cat”, so they banned mating in 1968. Of course, there are still some secret efforts, and finally found that breeding with American short hair cats, the body gradually formed. It was not until the 1980s that the exotic short haired cat was officially established. It was once nicknamed “the Persian cat in pajamas” because of its unique features other than fur. The exotic short haired cat, which is a collection of the two families, has already made great achievements in the major cat exhibitions. Who can remember that the cat was banned from mating because of “damaging the purebred cat”? The cat’s history was not long ago. It was bred in the United States about 1980 and was recognized by the Cat Association. As a result of repeated breeding by many people, there are many varieties of exotic cats, almost all of them have fur colors. In appearance, it basically inherited the farcical shape of Persian cat. Except for the short hair, other body shape, limbs, head, face and eyes are the same as Persian cats. Fife recognized exotic short haired cats in 1986. This variety has been very popular in the United States and is gradually becoming popular in Europe. Native to the United States, the new breed is bred through selective breeding. In the early 1960s, breeders in the United States developed a plan to cross the Persian cat with the American short haired cat, so as to produce a new breed with both the plump and attractive appearance of the former Persian cat and the latter’s easy to comb its coat. Its reproduction is viviparous. Its personality is quiet, lovely, warm and pure, sweet, peaceful, informal and loyal. On the other hand, it is as lively and playful as other varieties. It’s as quiet as a Persian cat, close to people, and as naughty as the American Shorthair cat. The standard short haired cat is similar to the Persian cat in appearance. The only difference with Persian cat is that its hair is short, thick and fluffy. The ideal heterogeneous short haired cat should have strong bones, average body, soft and round lines. Round eyes, big round head, wide distance between eyes, short and thick neck, short nose, nose with obvious depression, nasal segment high and placed between two eyes, full cheek. Broad and powerful jawbone with strong chin. The thin round ears incline slightly forward, and the distance between the two ears is wide. It has large, round and stout claws and a short tail in proportion to the body. For some owners who love Persian cats, but are busy and lack time to take care of them, the exotic short haired cat is an excellent choice. In general: the first impression of an ideal short haired cat is its strong bones, soft and sweet looks, and round lines. Large and round eyes, the distance between the eyes on the head should be wide. Emphasize the spherical appearance. Head: large and round, with a wide skull. A round face shaped by a round skull and a short, thick neck. Nose: short, upturned and wide. There is a depression in the eyes, which is the center of the face. Cheek: plump. Jaw: broad and powerful. Chin: plump, well developed, thick, powerful and round, with normal occlusion. Ears: small, round and forward sloping ears, wide distance between ears, located at the lower part of the head, suitable for round head feeling. Eyes: large, round, plump, brightly colored. Because the lacrimal gland is short, the short eyes are more likely to shed tears than other cats and need to be cleaned every day. Body: short body, short legs, chest width, shoulders of the same thickness, same width from shoulder to hip, full in the middle of the body and horizontal in the back. Strong muscles, not fat. Medium to large: quality is more important than size. Legs: short and strong. The front foot is straight, and the back foot is also straight from the back. Soles: large, round and strong. There are five toes on the front foot and four toes on the back foot. Tail: short, but in proportion to the body. There must be no normal bending. Coat: dense, thick, soft and vibrant. It has bright color, thick short hair and moderate length. Cat with neck hair or long tail hair can be selected as AOV grade. Color: it has a variety of colors and patterns, including solid color, smoke color, class pattern, two-color and key color, etc.

Conservation knowledge of American Bobcat

       When buying American short haired cats, many cat friends are not only worried about whether they can keep them well or not, what to do with their usual care, but also worry about the difference between American and British Bobcats. Now listen to the editor.

       Differences between American and British Bobcats

       American short haired cat, it has many color combinations, CFA alone recognized more than 80 kinds of fur color. In addition, although the classic tiger spot is the most common in American short hair cats, British short hair cats also have the color of classic tiger spots. Among them, the color of the eyes of the British short haired cat with silver classic tiger spot may be green. From the light appearance, it is not very different from the American short hair cat. If you don’t look at the pedigree certificate, the two are difficult to distinguish. Therefore, it is not absolutely reliable to distinguish English short from American short by wool color.

       What is the most reliable, of course, is the blood certificate. (isn’t that nonsense…) Because cats either look like any breed or breed. And in fact, if a cat isn’t purebred, you don’t have to worry about whether it’s British or American or something, because it’s basically a string of no doubt – no one knows what cats it was in the last few generations. When you mention it to others, you can say that it looks like English short, or simply describe its appearance, saying that it is a big fat cat with blue hair, yellow eyes, round and good temper.

       In addition to the coat color, there are many differences in body shape between British short and American short. For example, British short is more round and rolling than American short, with larger head and stronger limbs.

       But they do have a lot in common – they are medium-sized, strong, hardworking, docile, easy to get along with (especially with children and dogs), and easy to take care of. Another common personality characteristic of them is that they are relatively independent (probably because they were working cats in the warehouse to catch mice in their early years), so they are not very happy to be held by people. They can hold them for a while, and they will struggle to run after holding them for a long time.

       Because American and British Bobcats are very popular now, many people in the market breed them. However, in order to “increase production”, most of them do not follow the scientific breeding rules. Therefore, there are all kinds of cats and cats born. Many of them even do not match the proportion of their body. If such cats and cats continue to breed, they will only make their offspring worse.

       In fact, the simplest way to distinguish is color. Although both breeds recognize many colors, the American short haired cat is still dominated by Tiger spot, while the British short hair cat is mainly solid color.

       Conservation of American short haired cats

       American short haired cats have the habit of licking their fur. Because the cat’s tongue is rough, like a brush, it often licks itself with its tongue to remove dirt and comb its hair. But you can’t give the cat all the care for her body. Because no matter how soft the fur is, there are places that can’t be licked by the tongue, especially for the breed of long hair, it is difficult for the cat to keep the fur clean by itself, so the owner’s help is essential.

       Moreover, if the cat is often combed manually, the shed hair can be removed in time to prevent the cat from swallowing the hair into the stomach and developing globosis, resulting in indigestion and affecting the growth and development of the cat.

       Daily fur care can not only remove dirt and fur, prevent hair balls, comb and brush hair, but also help blood circulation and promote skin metabolism. The owner caresses the cat regularly and can check its physical condition. The main thing is that this is the time for the owner to communicate with the cat. Cat in the master’s caress and mutter, the spirit will also be stable.

       Generally, short hair breeds should be combed once every 2-3 days, and long haired cats should be combed at least once a day. It is better to start combing after weaning the kittens. At first, cats and cats may hate this kind of touching, but as long as they gradually form a habit every day, they will be happy to do so.

       Feeding of American short haired cats

       When feeding cat food for less than 3 months, milk or warm water should be used to soften the food, which is easier to digest. When it grows to 3 months, it can not be fed too soft food, which has an impact on the health of the cat’s teeth. When feeding the cat food, you should also ensure that the water is sufficient. You can feed the cold boiled food instead of raw water, or you can feed mineral water. Anyway, the cat will not drink much, and can also make the body healthy The contents are more abundant. A bottle can be drunk for about two or three days. There is no difficulty in consumption.

       Cats should not always eat a kind of cat food for a long time. You can change the taste of cat food every month or two months. You can also make some delicious food for the cat. But you should pay attention to the salt and mix it into the cat food to give our beloved kittens a good enjoyment. Pay attention to do not feed it greedy, if you feed it picky food is very bad, that is very bad for health, and it will not be good to feed, to correct the cat picky problem is very difficult.

       How to distinguish American Bobcats from British Bobcats. At the same time, in the care and feeding of American short hair, it is not just Xiaobian’s saying that cat friends should also be patient with cats and pay attention to the physical condition of cats, so as to be safe.

How to cut nails for American short haired cats

       For owners who occasionally take American Bobcats to a pet beauty shop for a bath, the basic daily care of American Bobcats, such as grooming, nail cutting and face washing, are contracted by the owners. However, it is not easy to cut nails for American short haired cats, especially for owners who have no experience in pet beauty, when they cut their nails for the first time, it is easy for the owners to resist, and eventually lead to a lot of incidents in which the owners are scratched and bitten by American short haired cats. So how to make the cat happy to cut nails? How to make parents more professional service for cats?

       1. It is easier to understand the habits of American short haired cats

       1. American short haired cats don’t like cutting

       Basically, no cat likes to cut their nails, so those who have ever owned cats know that many skills are not enough. It is a war, not because of pain, but because American short haired cats are naturally very afraid and ostracized.

       2. Let American short hair cats have a good feeling for nail cutting

       If your American Shorthair cat is already irritable, let it go, even with one or two claws. You can continue later. Reward him by playing with him or giving him special care, so that he will have a good association with cutting his nails.

       3. Let the American Shorthair cat get used to it

       Its claws can be touched when playing. Usually, american shorthair cats are nervous when their limbs are caught. Therefore, it is not necessary to let them adapt to their owners’ seizing her limbs, and they will not riot when cutting their nails in the future.

       Do your homework before you trim your cat’s paws

       1. Comfortable posture of American short haired cat

       Before cutting nails for a cat, choose a comfortable place, put it on both legs, and give it a comfortable and stable posture. In this way, American short hair cats will not repel and get hurt and angry.

       Note: in the pruning process, you can occasionally touch the cat’s abdomen to keep him relaxed.

       2. Pruning with proper tools

       There are also commercial cat nail clippers in pet stores or online stores. They are designed to cut the cat’s nails at the right angle without the risk of splitting or chipping. These nail clippers are designed to look like scissors or ring cutters. The best nail clippers have a very sharp blade and a comfortable handle.

       3. Pay attention to the rest of your nails

       1. The principle of a small number of times

       Too many cases are that the owner cuts too deep and too much at a time, which leads to bleeding and injury of the cat, which makes the future nail cutting project more difficult. Each time, some trimming is done, and the frequency is frequent, which also makes the American short haired cat feel that it is the best state.

       2. Other tips

       When the claws of American short haired cat are a little wet, it is better to cut some nails. It is better not to show the nail cutting process to the American short haired cat. Let it not pay attention to this side, so as to avoid fear and panic.

       4. How to cut nails for American short haired cats

       First touch the feet of your cat’s limbs to make it relax. Then hold the paw, gently press it with your fingers and press the nail out of its claw with your thumb. Use your other hand to trim your nails. Don’t forget to cut the “thumb” on the inside of the front leg. Also don’t forget that cats have many toes, which are called “multi toes” and need to be trimmed. Some cats have seven toes on each foot. As long as the tip of the nail, generally white, to avoid cutting to pink live meat, or it will bleed. If you cut too much, stop bleeding with a styptic pen or cornstarch, or rake soap with its claws.

       Editor’s note: no matter whether your American short haired cat is good or bad, you’d better wear Elizabethan ring before cutting their nails to prevent the American short haired cat from hurting people because of the unhappiness of cutting their nails. If the cat is very sensitive and the nails have to be cut, you must find an Assistant to help and hold down the cat, because the cat is soft, no matter how you play with him, he can escape you The palm of your hand.