What are the characteristics and precautions of cat litter

       Cat litter is a must-have product for many cat raising families. There are many kinds of cat litter. Different brands have different prices. Cat litter has coagulated sand, wood sand, crystal sand and so on. Of course, the efficacy of more expensive cats will be more suitable for cats. Therefore, if you have a certain economic ability, you must not be stingy and give it to the cat Use good litter.

       Characteristics of cat litter

       1. Generally, cat litter is made of paper pulp into small particles to simulate sand and provide water absorption. There are also particles with physical desiccant such as silica gel. It is a kind of green and environmental protection product for family pet cat, which has the advantages of deodorization, strong adsorption, non-toxic, no pollution and less garbage. Chemical products such as deodorant / preservative are usually added. When cat litter meets water, it will condense into a block. Although it is easy to clean, it is recommended to use a special leakage shovel. Most of the litter cats will get on their feet and take them to other places, so please clean them regularly.

       2. Cat litter is used to bury feces and urine by the cat owners. It has good water absorption. It is generally used together with the litter basin (or cat toilet). Appropriate amount of litter is poured into the litter basin. Trained cats will enter the litter basin and excrete on it when necessary.

       What should be paid attention to when cat litter is used

       1. The open litter tray is the most common and commonly used one. The cat can enter and exit from any direction, so it will not restrict the cat’s activities in the litter tray. Many cats prefer this type of litter tray, and it’s not easy for cats to dirty themselves with this kind of litter tray. They can quickly walk away from the toilet if they are threatened (such as when other cats, dogs or people are near). The cat litter tray is relatively cheap and easy to clean. When choosing this kind of litter tray, the height should be appropriate according to the specific situation of the cat, and it is not easy to get the litter out when the cat buries “poop”.

       2. Another kind of cat litter tray is the house type cat litter tray with a cover. It has only one outlet. This kind of cat litter tray can prevent the odor from spreading everywhere and the cat can take out the litter when burying “poop”. From our point of view, this kind of cat litter tray is better, but it may not be so popular for those cats who are sensitive to smell. In addition, those cats who are usually more cautious may not like to use this kind of litter plate because they have only one exit and feel that there are too few escape routes, especially those with dogs at home. However, when the cat is disturbed, they will not like privacy. Therefore, when you are not sure which type of litter tray your cat likes to use, it is best to place both types of litter tray for the cat to choose.

       3. How big is the litter tray? Usually, it should be at least 1.5 times the length of the cat, so that the cat can have enough space when pooping. If your place is big enough, the bigger the litter tray is, the better.

       4. If the cat litter tray is placed in a place that the cat doesn’t like, it will also affect the cat’s use of the litter tray. The simple principle is to put it in a place where the cat is easy to get in and out, and at the same time allow the cat enough privacy to feel “poop.”. First of all, there should be no washing machine, refrigerator or TV set next to the litter tray, because when the cat uses the litter tray, if the nearby electrical appliances suddenly start up, it will easily scare the cat away, which will give them a shadow, so that they will no longer use the litter tray; Secondly, don’t put the litter tray in the area where cats eat and sleep, because most cats don’t go to the toilet where they eat and sleep. It’s the same as people. It is also very simple to determine the proper place to place the litter tray. In accordance with the above principles, place several litter trays in different places of the home and let the cat choose what he likes.

       The function of cat litter is to absorb the urine and cover the feces of cats. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the litter regularly, clean and disinfect the litter basin to ensure that the litter basin has no peculiar smell. This will reduce the growth of bacteria and is beneficial to the health of the cat and the owner.