What are the breeds of Shandong lion cat

       Shandong lion cat, also known as Linqing lion cat, is the offspring of Persian cat and Luxi civet cat. So a lot of people confuse Shandong lion cat with Persian cat. Because one of its eyes is blue and the other is yellow, it is known as the Mandarin eye lion cat. Shandong lion cat is gentle in temperament and large in size, so it is a good cat to keep. The following follows the small make-up of Borch net, come to see what breed of Shandong lion cat has.

       The classification of Shandong lion cat is mainly based on its coat color. It can be divided into four categories

       (1) white lion cat

       The white Shandong lion cat is the most precious. Its whole body is as white as snow and has no random color. The eyes are divided into Mandarin Duck eyes (one blue eye and one yellow eye), double blue eyes and double yellow eyes. Mandarin duck eyes are the most valuable.

       (2) black lion cat

       The black Shandong lion cat is similar to the white lion cat in shape, but its body is slightly longer and its eyes are double yellow. The whole body is covered with black except for white shoulder and gray abdomen. This kind of black lion cat has a very small number and is regarded as a treasure.

       (3) whip the hydrangea lion and cat

       The shape of this kind of lion cat is similar to that of white lion cat. It has black spots on its forehead, black tail, long and sharp tail, which can be swung to the head, so it is called “whipping Hydrangea”.

       (4) flower lion cat

       Some of the fur of the lion cat is grayish brown, with tiger spots, and some white with black and yellow spots. According to the owner of the flower lion cat, this breed is the descendant of the white lion cat crossed with the general cat.

       The price of Shandong lion cat is controlled by variety, size, gender and region. The price of white lion cat with mandarin duck eyes is the most expensive, and the price should be over 30000. The price of black lion cat is about 1000, and the price of whipping Hydrangea lion cat and flower lion cat is about 600-2000. Of course, young poodles are much cheaper. The price of the female lion will be 100-200 yuan more than that of the male. If you have a lovely Shandong lion cat, take good care of it.