How to cancel cat’s love wake up

       In the morning, the cat always wakes up earlier than the alarm clock. The spoiled cat likes to walk around the owner’s head and whine. The owner will feel the cat is hungry and get up to give some snacks. In fact, this unintentionally opens a vicious circle. How should we cancel the cat’s love wake-up?

       1¡¢ Solutions

       1. Give your cat his favorite food before going to bed and let him sleep until dawn.

       2. Separate your cat from you when you sleep.

       2¡¢ Inexplicable meow

       The cat will often meow constantly in some situations, such as attracting your attention, being hungry, having the same kind outside the window, dirty cat litter, and talking to you about its needs and supplications.

       3¡¢ Begging for food on the table

       The host often can’t refuse a pair of eager eyes. When you can’t refuse, it’s best to avoid its entreaties and eyes. If you are cruel enough, you’d better ignore or separate them, so as to avoid the bad habit of picky eating.

       4¡¢ Run away

       As long as the door is not closed tightly and there is a gap, the cat will snatch the door out because of curiosity or oestrus. You must be careful of the door. (because male cats are road crazy, they are easy to get lost and can’t come back).

       5¡¢ Gnawing at the wires

       In clinical cases, there are many cases of cats eating foreign bodies, such as telephone lines and wires. Because they are very interested in wires, any thin wires in the home must be properly placed or packaged to prevent the cat from eating by mistake. In addition, if you can’t hide the wires well, you can apply the smell that cats hate on the surface, such as: hair gel (but it needs to be non-toxic! )¡£

       6¡¢ Eat with people (jump on the table)

       Basically, it’s just a small thing. If the host can bear it, it can even be regarded as a kind of enjoyment. But remember to protect your tableware and don’t let it get hurt.