What should be paid attention to when feeding cat food?


       British short cat food is not only dry food, but also has a strong preference for wet food and canned food. In addition, some owner-made food is also very suitable for British short cat food. Therefore, there are a lot of cat food suitable for British short. What should the owner pay attention to when feeding British short cat food? ??

       When feeding British short hair, you should pay attention to the fact that British short hair’s nose belongs to short nose. The cat food bowl must not be too deep. It is best to feed the canned food with a dish. Clean up the cat immediately after eating. 2-3 meals a day with less amount and more times. The canned food should be fed one can a day, and the dry food and canned food should not be mixed together. Be sure to change the water regularly and regularly every day. As for the kind of cat food, my suggestion is to feed high-grade food. Royal cat food is recommended. This kind of cat food has a good effect on the digestive system and oral hygiene of cats. ????

       It is very important to keep your own cat food. Cat food should not be in contact with the air for a long time. Dry food should be kept in a sealed box. There is a special sealed box for storing food on the Internet. This must be necessary. ????

       Cats also need to keep the leftover cans, cover them with pet cans, seal them in sealed boxes and put them in the refrigerator. When feeding again, be sure to heat it. A can can can can only be stored for two days even if it is put in the refrigerator. ????

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