What cat doesn’t shed hair

       If you ask, what kind of cat does not shed hair, then Canadian hairless cats deserve it. Canadian hairless cats are also known as Sphinx cats. Their most distinctive feature is that they are almost hairless. Although they look strange, they are still favored by cat lovers. If you say that I don’t like this kind of cat, besides Canadian hairless cat, what kind of cat doesn’t shed hair? In fact, it should be defined according to your preference. As long as the cats like Bombay and labang are properly groomed, they all have a small amount of hair loss. You can choose according to your own situation.

       I. The character of the sphinx cat

       The Sphinx hairless cat is gentle, intelligent and lovely, with rich expression, delicate feeling and loyalty to its owner. The Sphinx hairless cat has a sweet facial expression, a pair of big eyes full of emotion, sometimes full of surprise and curiosity, and sometimes trapped in people’s meditation, a perplexed and puzzled look, very cute, so it has been favored by cat lovers since ancient times.

       Standard of sphinx cat

       Nature: the sphinx cat is not only famous for its curly, wrinkled and hairless appearance, but also popular for its docile, intelligent, modest, delicate, smiling face and a pair of big eyes with rich expression.

       Body: strange shape, strong body, muscular, chest deep, back more hunchback, abdomen compact but not up. The limbs are long and thin, and the hind limbs are longer than the forelimbs.

       Head: the head is wide and wedge-shaped, with prominent cheekbones, thin cheeks, and a triangular face. The auricle is large and upright, towering over the top of the head. The tip of the ear is pointed and round, and slightly tilted forward.

       Eyes: Lemon shaped eyes, large and slightly protruding, orange eyes.

       Tail: it’s thin and long like a mouse, and it’s bent up like a whip.

       Fur: no hair on the whole body. The skin feels soft. There’s no fluff.

       Limbs: slender and slender, with slender bones, hind limbs longer than the hair of forelimbs: the kittens born to Sphinx hairless cats have many wrinkles and are covered with soft and fine fetal hair. With the growth of age, the hair only remains in the head, limbs, tail and the end of the body, and the skin of other parts is hairless, but very few.

       Although Canadian hairless cats have almost no hair, there is no need to worry about hair care, but Canadian hairless cats are precious and the number is diluted, so it is not easy to buy them. In fact, we don’t have to worry about the problem that cats don’t lose their hair. Some short haired cats lose little hair, which is a good choice for us.