American short daily feeding skills, American short hair cat care common sense

       1. American short haired cats are not only beautiful, but also very strong. They seldom get sick. Under normal circumstances, the average life span can reach 15-20 years. You only need to go to the pet hospital once a year and do a routine health examination. American short haired cats are very energetic, unlike other cats who are always lazy. So it’s better to have cat climbing frame and other cat furniture at home to let us short consume energy.

       2. Cats living at home basically lose their hair all year round, and American short haired cats are no exception. Therefore, in the process of feeding, we should strengthen the hair care of American short haired cats. American short haired cats accumulate a lot of hair balls in their stomachs, so feeding them regularly can help them clean their hair balls and protect their intestines and stomach.

       3. American short haired cats have very high intelligence quotient and are very smart. Therefore, in daily life, owners can also train them, teach them some basic games or life rules, so that they can master more and better living habits and have a healthier physical and mental state. They’re good at playing by themselves, and they invent their own games when their owners are away.

       4. For an American short haired cat with beautiful fur, its care is very simple. As long as you set aside a little time every day, hold it in your arms and gently touch it with warm hands, it is the best care for it. Because this can help it transfer the oil needed by the coat, so that its coat is more glossy.