How to keep the cat at home safely

       Nowadays, many young people keep cats because they feel that cats are completely at home. They don’t have to take them out for a walk regularly like dogs. Because of their natural independence, they don’t need their owners to play with them all the time. They just need to caress them occasionally. But when the owner goes out or goes to work, what do you need to pay attention to to to ensure the safety of the cat?

       First of all, you should pay attention to the balcony and windows in your home. Most of the cities are high-rise buildings. Windows are potentially dangerous to objects. In addition to the windows, most of the balcony design only considers the safety of people, many gaps have the risk of pet falling into the building. Therefore, it is necessary to heighten the fence of balcony and window, and the gap that is too wide should be enclosed with wire mesh. For windows and balconies that cannot be enclosed, try to avoid placing chairs or wooden boxes and other climbing objects. Remember to close windows and balcony doors when you go out.

       The second is to pay attention to the wires in the home, to ensure that there are no exposed wires in the home. It is best to cut off the power supply when the host goes out and sleeps. If you need to leave the dog at home alone, you should keep it in a room without wires to prevent the dog from gnawing the wire when it is bored.

       There is also the need to pay attention to the rope and string at home, kittens and puppies are particularly vulnerable to rope and string attraction, and mistakenly think it is a toy. If swallowed carelessly, it will block the intestinal tract, and heavy may lead to suffocation. Usually they are playing with curtain ropes and blinds, and they may be entangled, or they may be injured or strangled. Therefore, it is better to clean the ropes and thread in your home. Sewing needle and thread must be stored in the storage cabinet or drawer. Curtain cord must be knotted or shortened to prevent pets from pulling at will.