Feeding young rabbits should also pay attention to timing and quantity

       Feeding a pet rabbit is the same as raising a cat and a dog, and the feeding should be fixed at a fixed time. In particular, the gastrointestinal function of young rabbits has not been fully developed. If it is not regularly and quantitatively fed, it is easy to cause accumulation of food. So how should novice owners feed your young rabbits?

       Because the rabbit does not know how to be hungry and full, especially when encountering something with good palatability, he will eat it with all his might, or if he is hungry for a long time, he will try his best to eat when he is fed again. This is very dangerous, because the gastrointestinal function of the rabbit has not yet developed completely. When eating a lot of food, it is easy to lead to accumulation of food, that is, stomach expansion. This disease is very easy to get in rabbits, and the treatment effect is not good after the onset, which is very easy to cause death! Therefore, the best way is to prevent. For rabbit food and alfalfa, it is recommended to supply by meal, 30 grams per meal, 4 meals a day, and 80% of the food is full. For busy you, it is recommended to buy an automatic feeding machine, according to the meal supply, encountered rabbit special favorite food, avoid unlimited supply, touch the rabbit’s stomach with your hand, if it is very round, immediately stop supply, blindly indulge, will only harm your rabbit!